How To Pick The Right Picture Frame

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How To Pick The Right Picture Frame

The city of St Kilda is 6 kilometers away from Melbourne. This beachside suburb houses some of the most popular tourist attractions in Victoria, including the Luna Park, the Esplanade Hotel, and the St Kilda Pier.

The city is also famous due to St Kilda Beach. Because of the many scenic spots in the city, professional photographers and regular tourists can find plenty of picturesque places to capture on camera.

Some even have a hard time choosing which pictures to blow up and submit to shops for picture framing at St Kilda. Also, choosing the right frames for your selected photos can get tricky. To help you decide which picture frame to use, here is a simple picture frame guide.

Everything Must Be About The Picture

Choosing a frame for your pictures is not just about its color and material. You need to look at the picture first then assess how you can highlight it. It would also help if you can figure out how to protect it from future damages or deterioration.

Additionally, think about the specific spot where you plan to display the framed photograph. Are you going to hang it permanently on one wall, or you plan to move it somewhere else in the future? All these factors can help you decide on the type of frame that you can use for a particular photo.

Consider The Location Where You Will Display The Picture

Aside from allowing you to display your pictures or artworks correctly, frames can also protect it from degradation. The quality of the photograph will depreciate fast if it is in direct contact with humidity and harsh temperatures.

If you plan to hang the framed image in St Kilda, you may put the picture at risk because of the city’s high humidity levels. To prevent such an incident, before purchasing the picture framing at St Kilda, ask the shopkeeper for humidity levels in your desired spot for the frame. He can then suggest which frame to use.

Choose A High-Quality Glass

It is easy to select a frame based on the materials and colors of the border. However, you also need to give importance to the glass used to cover the picture. When picking out the most appropriate glass, there are several factors that you need to consider.

First, look for a glass with a UV filter. It will protect the image from the worst light that may result in the fading of the photograph or artwork. Another factor when choosing glass is its safety since you may want to ship and transfer the framed image with minimal chances of breaking. You also have to pick a lightweight glass and make sure that it uses a low-reflective material so it will not obstruct the image that you want to display.

Be Open To Suggestions

Framing experts may already have an idea about what you need as soon as you present them the image or artwork that you want to display. While you may have a vision about how you want your picture framed, these experts can suggest something better to preserve your precious photo or work of art.

Listen to their suggestions and consider following their advice. They may provide you with a better solution since they are more knowledgeable about these projects. 

Using a suitable frame can enhance the appearance of your picture ultimately. It will help you display the image in a more presentable manner. The framework will also let you preserve the quality of the image so it can withstand the harsh elements and St Kilda’s humid weather.

It will also allow future generations to see what you displayed. Just make sure that the frame will not upstage your photo so everyone who will see it can appreciate the picture without any distractions.

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