How Painting of Your Place Impacts Mood and Behavior


Different colors, hues and even nuances can have a different impact on our psyche. For instance, colors red and yellow are known to boost one’s appetite, which means that it’s hardly surprising that four out of five world’s largest fast-food chains use these exact colors in their logo. Still, appetite is not the only way in which the color of choice affects our psychology. Other than this, you also have numerous ways in which different nuances affect one’s mood and behavior. Here are several things you need to know about this before making your mind of painting your place.


The first color worth considering for your home is green. In the age of telecommuters, a lot of people work from home. So, if you have a home office, green is a color to go in order to help you get the most out of it. Other than this, if you have a particularly creative hobby, you might also want to additionally stimulate your brain by coating the room in this nuance. In other words, if you have a studio, a recording room or something similar within your home, a creativity-stimulating green is a way to go.


The color red is incredibly energetic, which means that you need to be extra careful where you go with this color. For instance, you can paint your bedroom red if you aim to “bolster” the atmosphere of passion within the room; however, red is also known to bolster one’s awareness. It means that if you plan to put an emphasis on rest and relaxation, you might want to go for something a tad more soothing instead. Also, keep in mind that this color is so imposing and dominant that it’s simply ideal for an accent wall. Still, seeing as how this is a far more delicate matter than you assume, it might be for the best if you hired A Professional Painting crew to take over the task.


The use of yellow is often considered to be the most problematic of them all, seeing as how the color often polarizes people when it comes to whether they like or dislike it. It is why it’s not that good of an idea to go for a common yellow area like the living room or even a dining room. Instead, you might want to paint your kitchen or your bedroom yellow. This way, you’re keeping it away from the public eye and still get to use this soothing color in a place where it can benefit you greatly.


Now, we come to the most popular color out there. While you may think that one’s favoritism of the color may be quite subjective, the truth is that more people are likely to choose blue than any other color out there. Therefore, it’s a safe choice for your living room. It is especially because the color itself has a close connection with the sense of trustworthiness, which makes it ideal for places like the living room. This way, you can somewhat bolster the efficiency and intimacy of the conversation taking place.


Finally, we come to the regal color that is violet, which is a hue that allows you to add a hint of sophistication to any room that you use it in. Naturally, it’s your go-to choice, right after blue. What it does is put you in front of a choice. You either go for something that will help you create an atmosphere of luxury and grandeur or something more casual and conversation-inspiring (if you still opt for blue). The choice, however, is all on you.


It goes beyond saying that color affects human behavior, but there’s one more piece of the puzzle that you have to keep in mind when thinking to paint your place. We’re talking about the fact that you’re probably not living alone, which means that you have to take the emotions and preferences of others into consideration, as well. Other than this, you also need to take into consideration that you will, from time to time, greet guests and visitors. This way, you can ensure that the appeal of your home is universal.