How to maintain Stucco for Home Improvement?

How to maintain Stucco for Home Improvement?

With time, Stucco has gained popularity as this wall finish tends to last for a long period. Moreover, Stucco is easy to install and is extremely versatile. It works well for most constructions, be it wood, concrete or even brick. For Stucco to last long it is essential to follow some maintenance tips listed below.

Maintenance of Stucco

There is a possibility of Stucco fading and eroding with time if not taken care of. It can be damaging to the structure.

  1. To prevent any intrusion of moisture you need to ensure that Stucco is sealed in the right manner. Seal the new with masonry sealer/concrete. It tends to seep into the stucco and stop moisture from entering. You have to apply silicone varieties of sealers every five years. Re-sealing can prevent damage due to deterioration.
  2. An elastomeric coating is a must for stucco is it has developed cracks. These finishes are not only flexible and pliable but also water-proof. In case cracks develop below the coatings, the finish can bridge the crack. These finishes are also microporous and breathe to allow the moisture to escape without any blistering or bubbling. Handled by professionals, this elastomeric coating can last for almost ten years.
  3. You need to be aware that freshly applied paint can bubble within a few days. You have to check the newly painted walls at least for the initial few weeks.
  4. Check the exterior walls during a change in the weather conditions. As known, walls tend to expand or contract with a change in temperature. A small hairline crack can become a big one if not treated in time.
  5. Professionals need to ensure that the right technique is used when using Stucco. Besides, the recommendations of the paint manufacturer must be followed to the tee. It is known that paint cannot be applied to damp, dirty or moist surfaces.
  6. Stucco is prone to moisture and water absorption. It is important to ensure that good quality primer and paint is used to help in extending the lifespan of the exterior walls.
  7. There is a possibility of mold growing on the freshly painted stucco walls within the first few weeks. Clean it with the help of a sponge or a soft brush along with a solution of anti-mold. You have to soak it in the wall for around half an hour and then rinse it. You can recheck this after 24 hours.
  8. It is important to wash the exterior walls at least twice a year. It can eliminate the risks of grime and dirt build-up. You can opt for sprayers also. Remove the persistent dirt with the help of scrub brushes, warm water, and a mild detergent.

If you follow the steps mentioned above, Stucco walls offer multiple benefits.

Some Benefits of Stucco Walls

Besides minimum maintenance, Stucco walls are long lasting and durable. These walls tend to outlast vinyl or wood walls. Besides the durability factor, it is a favored choice of many as this is fire resistant. There are multiple insurance companies which offer specific benefits if you have Stucco walls. Due to the classy look that Stucco offers, the market value of home tends to increase.

There are multiple professionals available online to assist you with this choice of Stucco. Make sure you invest in the finest quality so that it lasts long, with minimum maintenance. You can even go through the ratings and reviews to ensure you make the apt choice.

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