10 Kitchen Design Trends 2019


When you’re browsing kitchen design Los Angeles inspiration, it may be time to schedule that renovation you’ve been dreaming about since you bought your home. When planning a new look for your kitchen, think about incorporating these hot 2019 design trends.

Bold Cabinet Colors

Sleek white cabinets, a mainstay for years now, are always a classic kitchen choice. But if you want to add a creative pop of color, consider cabinets in a deep, vibrant jewel tone. Plum, red and teal are inspired choices, especially if you plan to go neutral with the rest of your kitchen finishes.

Showstopping Sinks

When researching interior design Santa Monica, chances are you’ve seen some incredible sinks. If you are looking for the focal item that will distinguish your kitchen design from the masses, consider an elegant and functional stone farmhouse sink. Brass fixtures are the metal of choice, replacing 2018’s rose gold domination.

Smart Storage Solutions

Cleverly concealed storage is one of the biggest client requests for interior design firms Los Angeles. If you’re picturing a sleek, minimal kitchen but aren’t sure where you’ll store your clutter, consider cabinets strategically placed in islands or pantry shelves that slide out from small spaces.

Feature Backsplash

If a standout sink isn’t for you, consider an intricate, colorful tile backsplash wall as the centerpiece of your space. Although the beautiful backsplash isn’t exactly a new concept, this year the trend is to extend the tile from a small section to an entire accent wall.

Raw Materials

Interior design has been emphasizing nature within indoor space for a few years now. Bring this vibe to your kitchen by using raw, natural materials such as stone, rattan, jute, and shiplap. This look is both refreshingly modern and traditionally vintage, especially when you add warmth by mixing textures.

Matte Black

Forget pure white and sleek, shiny stainless steel. The appliance finish du jour for 2019 is a sophisticated, minimal matte black. This dramatic look adds the contrast you need to put a contemporary spin on a classically designed kitchen. Moody hues of gray and navy are another on-trend alternative to black.

Butcher Block

Stone countertops, including granite and quartz, have long been a kitchen go-to. Switch it up for 2019 with durable, low-maintenance butcher block countertops. This warm wood looks great with just about any color palette.

Pendant Lights

Architectural light fixtures add interest to the kitchen, especially when you select trendy high-texture pieces. Even if your room is relatively simply, these lights make a tasteful statement. Consider LED light fixtures for enhanced function and efficiency.

Smart Appliances

As smart technology is increasingly integrated with modern homes, the kitchen is no exception. Look for appliances with wireless internet so you can search recipes as you cook, as well as features like Bluetooth temperature control, interior cameras, and sleek streaming speakers and screens.

Statement Tile

Even if you have hardwood throughout your home, it isn’t the best choice for the kitchen. Instead, go with moisture-resistant porcelain tile in a vibrant pattern to add instant interest to a neutral palette.

Kitchen design Los Angeles is a matter of personal preference. If you love a contemporary, up-to-the-minute look, consider incorporating one or more of these trends when you plan your renovation.