How To Keep Your Mattress In Tip Top Shape?

How To Keep Your Mattress In Tip Top Shape?

Caring for your mattress is easier than you might think. With just a little bit of effort, you’ll be able to enjoy it for many years to come.

Air It Out

When you first get your mattress, take it out of the packaging and let it sit to air ours for a couple of hours. If it was rolled up, it would need to be laid out for a full day before you do anything else with it.

No matter how much you like your new mattress, it is bound to feel a little unusual and foreign to you. Remember that it takes time for your body and the mattress to get used to one another. The fillings also need to adjust to the new situation.

Let Everything Settle

As you use, it is going to start to settle. That doesn’t mean that it won’t feel as nice or be as supportive as it was originally. Depending on how you use the mattress, different parts of it may settle at different rates. It is entirely normal and has to do with the distribution of weight. You should not be concerned if it starts to settle. You can, however, take steps to keep it from settling too much.

First, let the mattress air out each day. When you get up, take the covers off. Also, make sure you flip it as necessary unless the instructions say that it should not be turned. Rotating the mattress is also important.

Get A Mattress Cover

If you want your mattress to stay in top condition year after year, get a cover. Many people do not think they need this as an adult; however, covers help protect the product from body moisture. If you do need to clean the mattress, stay away from chemical cleaners and detergents. Simply wet a cloth and wipe it down, but make sure it has plenty of time to dry.

Be Careful With Storage Drawers

Do you have storage drawers on the base? Don’t be tempted to put too much in them. They are not meant to store heavy items, and if you do pack them too full, you may damage your frame. Besides, too many items in the drawers may jam them up. Therefore, while you should certainly put items in the drawers for storage purposes, take care not to misuse them.

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