The Importance of Hiring Architectural Services

The Importance of Hiring Architectural Services

An architect is someone who offers a level of professional service and expertise which cannot be provided by other professionals. An architect should be qualified in his professional field, registered to legal practice and must abide by a code of ethics.

He acts as a team leader and also works as an individual. In many projects, the architectural services provided by an architect involves coordinating a team of specialist consultants such as engineers, subcontractors, quantity surveyors, landscape architects, builders, and interior designers.

The fees charged by him for the architectural services does not exceed more than 1% of the entire cost of constructing and operating the building throughout its life of utilization. Investing in architectural services ensures you to explore different choices of design for the building.

You and the architect should do the total decision of the kind of services and the fees by appointing a day.

Architectural Services Include:


The architect receives the first training by the form, function and regulatory compliance of the building made by him.

Development of Brief

It is important to know the briefing of the project first, before making it successful. An architectural service from an architect is the best in this case.

Planning Permission Application

It is essential to know whether your project needs an application to the local authority for the planning of it. Your architect may do the appeals for the plan on behalf of you.

Design Certifier and Assigned Certifier

An architect is the most approximate professional to act as both Design Certifier and Assigned Certifier. The architect can work as just an Assigned Certifier. It is compulsory to make an appointment under a different agreement between you and your architect.

Project Supervisor Design Process (PSDP)

Your architect may play the role of PSDP, or someone else can also be appointed for the role.

Administrating the Building Contract

The architectural services may also include that the architect will deal on behalf of you with the building contractor and administrate the project to ensure that it is delivered according to the design and planning permission.

Coordinating Other Consultants

You may require the involvement of specialist consultants such as a Structural Engineer or Quantity Surveyor. The architect should be the coordinator of their involvement.

Measurement Survey & Drawings

Architectural services also include measuring the existing buildings to make drawings for any alterations or additions.

Condition Survey

Prepare a report after examining the property and establishing it.

Interior Design

An architect can be involved in providing a service on interior designing, suggesting things regarding loose furniture, artworks, and finishes.

Advice on sustainability and Design

He can suggest how to optimize orientation, microclimate, fabric for building, costing on lifecycle, energy, and consumption of water and ensure compliance with regulations of the building.

Conservation Skills

If the building is ‘historic’, a ‘Protected Structure’ or situated in an area of ‘Architectural Conservation’ then you will need the advice of an architect with excellent communication skills.

Even if your building is not there in the list of the Planning Authority, it can still be worthy of communication, and you will have to make sure that its features are not damaged in the process of the repairing or alteration.

Management of the Project

The architect best suits as the manager of the project by coordinating the other inputs for delivering a project successfully.

Urban Design & Master-Planning

The architects mainly design the urban spaces of the cities and towns.

Services for Resolving the Disputes

The architectural service includes services for resolving disputes, such as conciliation and mediation.

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