Here Are Some Tools Essential For Tree Pruning


Here Are Some Tools Essential For Tree Pruning

There are some essential tools that are very important for tree pruning. These tools are meant to be handled by professional experts for proper utilization and better results. Without these tools, the pruning work becomes very hectic.


Some Must Have Tools For Tree Pruning


Tree pruning not only keeps our landscaping clean and beautiful, but also is essential for the promotion of the health and growth of the trees. Thus, some professional tools are inevitable to execute such vital works properly. Let’s have a look at below list of tools:


Tree Loppers

Tree loppers are mainly used for the pruning work of the nut trees, vines, and fruit trees. The trees that have 2½  inches of thick branches require pruning. The structure of this tool is pretty much similar to the hand shears. Just the handles are much longer and the blades are also thick. There are several types of tree loppers, such as the ratchet, anvil, and the bypass that are commonly available in the market.


Tree Pruning Shears

Tree pruning shears are the most common and useful tool used for tree-pruning. These are also available in the market in different names such as clippers, pruners, or secateurs. Mostly, it is used for the pruning work of the plants like flowers, vines, shrubs, and small growing trees. It is a hand-held tool and it can cut twigs and branches up to ¾ inches of thickness.


There are three kinds of pruning shears available in the market. They are:

1) Anvil Type

The anvil pruning shears consists of a straight blade, which is mainly used for any splitting action. It works smoothly and perfectly while pruning the dry stems and branches.

2) Bypass Type

It is the most common pruning tool. The working principle of these tools is just like scissors. It is so much useful for the pruning activity of the growing stems.

3) Ratchet Type

This type of pruning shears is almost similar to the anvil types. The extra feature of this tool is to cuts the tree stems or branches stage by stage. With the use of this tool, you need not have to strain our wrists while pruning.


Pruning Saws

The tree pruning saws are available in different shapes and styles. These tools are pretty much capable of cutting the branches from 1½ inches to five inches in diameter.


The Hedge Shears


Hedge shears can be a great tool for the pruning work if there are hedges, evergreens, or any deadheading perennials presents in your garden. It is also a useful tree pruning tool for small shrubs. It can also be used for the cutting of branches of 2 to 3 inches of thickness.


Pole Pruners

It is a must-have tool for pruning of the deadwood of the trees. It is a handy tool for light pruning as well. The trees’ branches of 1 to 2 inches of diameter can be cut through easily by using these pole pruners. You can also eliminate the use of the ladders in many cases by using these tree pruners so that you can cut any part of the tree up to 8 feet long. There are several electric pole pruners that are available in the market for the pruning work also.


Procedure For Caring The Tree Pruning Tools

  1. You should carry rags in your pockets for the wiping of the blades in between the work.
  2. While pruning a diseased plant, you need to clean the blade using alcohol before moving on to the next plant.
  3. You also need to sharpen the blades as well.

Overall, these are the tools that are important for tree pruning. It is not just that you are buying a pruning tool and keep it in dispersed order. It is also very important to keep those in an intact and proper order of working. You should also remember that tree diseases not just spread from sap gum of the trees, but also from different sources. You should also give top priority to keep them clean.

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