Best Guide for Choosing and Installing Hardwood Floor

Best Guide for Choosing and Installing Hardwood Floor

One of the most important decisions that a homemaker has to take during the renovation is the choice of flooring. Although there is a huge range of options from terrazzo to carpet, yet one material that is acknowledged at all times is the hardwood.

Hardwood is reflected to be a superior-quality choice due to its characteristics. It is not only durable but also resistant to debris and dust. It may also last a lifetime if the hardwood is maintained correctly. Not all hardwoods are the same, and that the selection of hardwood does not only mean to choose the colors; rather, there are also several other factors to consider.

There is a lot of scope in hardwoods, for example, different textures, patterns, different finishing, and the rate of the hardness of the floor. Except for the bathroom and basement, the natural wood is reflected to be seamless and versatile for every room in the house.

Factors to Consider while Selecting the Hardwood Flooring

In recent times, the demand for hardwood flooring has refreshed due to its timeless appeal and sophistication. To choose the hardwood flooring, there are certain characteristics and features which a person should keep in mind. Such factors enable a person to select the type of wood which would best suit the floor in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

First of all, it is to be remembered that a specific hardwood can affect the sound control and temperature of the room. In this way, hardwood can help provide savings for cooling and heating of the house. Secondly, the durability factor also attains the utmost importance in this selection procedure. As the wood is harder, it is measured to be more durable. Such hardwood types are to be used which are more durable.

Moreover, a person should order 10% more hardwood material as compared to what is required. Some extra hardwood flooring would prevent delays in the installation of the floor due to the shortage of the materials. Another factor worth mentioning is to choose such a hardwood flooring which will be easier to maintain by minimal mopping and sweeping.

Not every person has the same budget and neither the prices of the hardwood flooring. Hence, first of all, a person should determine his budget, and then the square footage needed to cover the floor. It is the hardness and the quality of the wood which is used to estimate the price per square foot. Last but not least, it is necessary to ensure that the type of subfloor is suitable for installing the hardware. The professionals who supply the floorboards can determine the suitable subfloors.

Engineered Flooring

In the past, hardwood flooring was usually available in thick planks of solid timber. It is also available nowadays. However, many companies these days provide engineered flooring in which the planks are made of a thinner layer of hardwood.

For places like apartments and basements where hardwood flooring is not suitable, the engineered flooring provides an advantage. Still, the engineered flooring should also be selected with great care as some of them have so thin layer that they cannot be sanded again.


Lastly, the type of wood is a very serious matter to discuss while selecting hardwood flooring. Oak is considered to be the king of Durham hardwood flooring as it is greatly durable and is widely available. Walnut is also selected popularly as it is has a very deep color, which is thought to be very ideal for rooms where dark furniture is to be placed.

In a nutshell, it is understood that there are different terms of species of hardwood flooring. To select from such a wide variety of hardwood flooring can sometimes be confusing. But, proper guidance regarding the hardwood can assist in making the right decision.

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