Different Types of Garden Design Applicable at Residential Properties

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Different Types of Garden Design Applicable at Residential Properties

A beautiful garden creates the best landscape for the outdoor space of a house. Different types of gardens can be created in the backyard of a common residential building. Experienced designers can choose the best garden design that suits the geographical location, the architectural style of that building and the taste of the house owner.

The budget and the lifestyle of the client also influence the choice of the type of garden to be created in a property. In this case, you can hire a professional landscape designer to install proper garden designs in your property and they can prepare your garden within your budget. Even, you can avoid further maintenance cost by installing artificial turfs in your garden.  

Exclusive Garden Design That Can Beautify A House

1. English Cottage Garden

This garden-style depicts the typical look of the countryside in England. It was very popular in earlier times and still seen in many old houses. This garden design comprises of stone hedges, shrubs of wildflowers, and fruit trees. Primroses, calendula, violets, and daisies of different varieties are preferred for adding colours and fragrances to this garden. Now, people also include several medicinal herbs, vegetable plants, and decorative creepers in their garden.

2. Tropical Garden

This type of garden is suitable in a warm climate, due to the presence of flowering plants that thrive best in spring and summer. Many flowers of vibrant colours adorn this garden, which attract numbers of butterflies, making the garden more colourful. Various tropical plants, like ferns, taro, and cannas, are used for beautifying this garden. A water feature, like a pond can be added if there is no space crunch.

3. Mediterranean Garden

Different types of Mediterranean foliage’s adorn this garden design, among which olive trees, apricot, Bugle lily, Smoke tree, and Chinese Dreger are very popular. All Mediterranean plants are chosen for their warm looks that render a cheerful tone to the garden. However, there should be plenty of sunlight and suitable soil for the healthy growth of these plants.

You need to taste the soil of your garden before designing your outdoor space and you must hire a trained professional in this regard. Though the regular supply of water may not be required by these plants, and a tiled water fountain can be installed at the centre of the garden. 

4. Japanese Garden

This variety of garden demands lots of open space, as it preferably contains a pergola or small teahouse at the centre of the garden. A water feature, decorative rocks, and stone lanterns that contribute to a rustic look may be added in this garden design. Bonsai plants, rhododendrons, maple trees, and various Japanese herbs are chosen to add greenery in the well-groomed rock garden.

5. Victorian Garden

This garden shows classic designs and structures that render a traditional look of the Victorian age or even previous eras. All the plants are placed neatly in the definite lines around this garden, following a regular geometric pattern.  Walkways of coloured pebbles, metal or wooden benches, and a few sculptures may be added for boosting the beauty of this garden.

6. Modern Garden

Nowadays, many house owners prefer this garden design that is easy to maintain and can be obtained at a limited budget. It can be designed in a small space and all the features, like garden walls, stone pathways, and simple wooden structures are used to glamorize the garden. You can decorate your modern garden with few species of plants like Cannas, Agapanthus, and Red-hot poker, which boost the beauty of the garden. 

There are many other varieties of garden design that are popular all over the world. Butterfly garden bog garden, rain garden, moonlight garden, and hummingbird garden are created according to the choice and budget of house owners.

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