The Five Most Desirable Miami Neighborhoods In 2020


The city of Miami is more than South Beach and nightclubs. The city is a sprawling metropolis that offers many lovely places to live. Plus, you can find a neighborhood that suits your needs, whether you have a family or plan to move to the city on your own. The five neighborhoods listed below are amazing places to live, and each of them allows you to create a lifestyle that blends well with the sunshine and impeccable weather.

1. Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove is a lovely neighborhood where families can buy a house big enough for their kids, get enough land for their children to play, and live on quiet streets. Coconut Grove is a safe neighborhood that has private security guards patrolling at all times, and the people are very friendly. You can move here to get away from the downtown areas, and you will feel safer because you can get to know the security guards.

2. Edgewater

Edgewater sits very close to downtown Miami. You can walk to work in many instances, and you will be very close to Winwood if you have friends in the area. Edgewater is filled with lovely homes and growing businesses. You may find a bar or restaurant that you have fallen in love with, or you might see a shop that offers unique trinkets for the home. Edgewater allows you to live the city life without moving to the middle of the city.

3. Bal Harbour

Bal Harbour sits north of the city near Fort Lauderdale, and you will find suburban homes that allow you to find spacious properties. Your Suddath moving company Miami can access any part of this neighborhood, and they will help you move into a modern home or condo. Bal Harbour is quiet and safe. You can live a bit farther away from downtown Miami if you do not want to deal with city traffic, and you may find lovely places to visit when you move into the area. You will be close to the water when you move to this area, and you can take your family there every weekend if you want.

4. Brickell

Brickell is a growing community that has many new shops, restaurants, and bars opening every year. You can move into a condo or apartment that sits on top of the retail shops that are there. You have a lovely view of the area, and you can walk anywhere that you like. If you get a job in this area, you can walk to work with no problem. Someone who does not want to buy a car can easily get around town. You will feel as though you are in the middle of the city without moving downtown.

5. Laudergate Isles

Laudergate Isles will provide you with a private community in which to live. You can take a golf cart to any location on the island that you would like, and you can purchase a large lot that gives you space for your children. You may live close to the water if you like, and you could even buy a boat that can be docked on the island. You can live the beach lifestyle, the suburban lifestyle, or the boating lifestyle while enjoying a quiet neighborhood.


The five neighborhoods listed above are lovely places in Miami that offer you more than nightclubs and beaches. You can live close to the water if you want, or you can live outside the city in a neighborhood that has new shops and restaurants. You may choose to live north of the city where you will find a suburban neighborhood with good schools, palm trees in the backyard, and nice people.