Some FAQs On Pest Inspection That Everyone Should Know About


Every buyer or seller of a property should be aware of not just the nitty-gritty of the real estate market, but also about other aspects that are equally important. After all, buying and selling properties involves enormous investments. Every house should undergo two kinds of inspections; first, the pre-purchase building inspection and the next is the pest inspection.

Pests can invade property, and before you know, they can cause unimaginable damage to homes. As the damage done by those pests and their presence is not very easy to detect, one needs a detailed pest inspection by expert inspectors.

As a buyer or seller of the property, you may have many questions regarding pest inspection. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions along with their answers.

Why go for a pest inspection?

A pest inspection should be carried out on a property by potential buyers before they buy the house. The inspection would bring to light the presence of pests and wood decay, fungi and mold. You would also learn of any damage done by pests. The costs of repairing damage can be included during negotiations on the property.

How to look for pest inspectors?

Browse online and ask for referrals when searching for pest inspectors. Do not ask for recommendations from real estate agents. Don’t compromise on quality on account of price as you would be making an expensive mistake. Check the qualifications, experience, and reputation of the inspector. They should carry public liability insurance and should be linked with a good inspection company.

What is the training and qualifications of the pest inspector?

The pest inspectors should hold adequate training, education, and certification from recognized authorities that are accredited by the state or the government. An associated degree is usually preferred. Pest control inspectors attend continuing education courses on pest inspections to remain updated with the latest techniques and technologies in the process.

What should be inspected?

During the pest inspection process, every corner of the property should be investigated. The inspectors should look beneath the house, under the roof, the basement area and outside the building including fences, trees, garden stumps and any other structures made of timber.

How long will the pest inspection take?

It will depend on the presence of pests and the extent of possible damage. It is time-consuming to reach problematic and high-risk areas such as attics, sub-floors, and the roofs. As the inspector has to inspect the surrounding areas of the building, it can take time to inspect depending on the area of the property and the size of the building. However, for a standard house, the pest inspection process can take about two hours.

How much does a pest inspection cost?

Again, the final costs will rely on the area involved and the size of the property. Typically, the costs start at around $300-$500 and upwards for a standard house.

What is a pest inspection report?

Once the inspection is over, the inspector creates a multi-page report with details of the areas inspected and those suspected with pest infestations. There are photos of the possible areas of damage as well as information related to any previous pest activity, drainage issues, environmental issues, and construction faults. As these reports can be lengthy, consult your inspector to clarify anything.Whenever you go for pest inspection, look for a reliable company and service provider in the field. The pest inspector you hire should be very professional and offer thorough services. Look for pest Inspectors who are regulated and licensed. They should carry out inspections as per current standards and hold insurance for your protection.