5 Easy Steps to Declutter Your Home


It’s not easy to get rid of junk especially if you love holding on to your sentimental items. The buildup of collected items can get a lot over the years and eventually lead to your house getting too cramped and cluttered. There’s nothing homey about a space that looks messy, and if you’ve been feeling stressed and antsy whenever you go home, then maybe it’s time to declutter.

Doing chores or cleaning up may not be exciting for some people, but it’s necessary. The task doesn’t need to be painful or overly elaborate either. There are simple ways to declutter your home, and they can help immensely in improving your mental well-being. Here are some of them.


It’s not easy to purge your entire home of unnecessary things. That is why you need a serious commitment to this task. Promise yourself that, once you get started, you will see through the end of decluttering. Make it a point to stop only for breaks like meals or for getting adequate sleep if the decluttering takes several days.

Pick a decluttering method that you feel works best for you and your situation. You’ll need to get rid of duplicate stuff and one-time-use items that take up so much storage space in your home. Remember that quality is so much better than quantity as you’re sure that things you’ll retain will be of use for a long time.

Once you have the resolution to declutter your home, you will be faced with the decision of choosing what to do with the purged items. You have the option to donate or to sell them. For the latter, consider using a secure e-commerce platform that allows you to set up shop anytime without difficulties. Selling your stuff online should be hassle-free and easy for you.

Declutter First before Buying Storage Items

Some people don’t feel like organizing existing clutter if they don’t buy storage pieces first. It can be exciting and downright tempting to buy those cute boxes, bins, and baskets to put stuff in, but this is counterintuitive. Clean out your home first before buying new containers to find out what you need. You may be buying more than what you need if you declutter later.

Shop Only for Essentials

If you want an organized and mess-free space, you must think about the items you bring in to your home. From groceries, clothes, shoes, to house things, there are some things you don’t need. For example, sales and buy-one-get-one promos are exciting especially if you’re getting a deal. However, you need to ask yourself if you need two of the same items when shopping.

If you don’t need it, put it down. Thinking a little bit before putting something in your cart can make a difference. If it’s something you need, pledge to give the duplicate to a friend or donate it, so it doesn’t take precious storage space in your home.

Honor but Don’t Keep (Unless You Want To)

If you’re a sentimental person who likes to keep everything a friend gives you, there is a shelf somewhere in your house that is filled with unnecessary mementos. You want to keep such things even though you hate them because they were a gift or have been in your family for so long. The problem is, there are too many of those things lying around, and the mishmash is not exactly pretty.

It’s simple: let it go. You can donate, sell, or give away the sentimental memento to a relative or friend who wants it. A good rule of decluttering is that, if it no longer serves you, then it’s better to part with it.

Put Things in Order Right Away

It is not a decluttering step; it helps when you’ve organized your home already. A way to keep it spick-and-span is to put things away as soon as you enter your home. If you have groceries, put the items in their proper places, or if you have a gym bag containing used gym clothes, then put the sports bra and yoga pants in the hamper right away.

Keeping items in the order can be a challenge, but the more you do it consistently and purposefully, it will become a habit in no time. Soon it will be routine for you to arrange anything that is in disarray inside your home. The more you keep things neat, the less you can justify leaving items lying around.

Sooner Rather Than Later

When it comes to necessary tasks like decluttering your home, it’s always better to do it sooner rather than later. All the stuff you’ve purged and sorted should be given away or donated as soon as possible. Never leave bins or bags of stuff lying around. You can only complete the decluttering once all the stuff is gone from your home.