Designer Tips for a Stunning Living Room Arrangement


Living room is the main gathering areas for families. As they are often the most used room it is important that it is a comfortable area that can be enjoyed year-round, safe for any children, pet-friendly, and cozy. Follow these tips for an inviting space.

Plan Ahead

Before investing in any furniture, plan what your room should look like. How you use the space will impact what furniture you use. Look at the size and shape of your room; thin rooms require long furniture, square can be furnished with round tables and chairs to create more space by cutting corners, small rooms need small furniture that will fit the scale, and large rooms can be decorated according to taste—place console tables and bookshelves around the perimeter to reduce the size.

Draw up a plan for the furniture, particularly if you have an odd living room shape. Try sketching the furniture in various positions to see how they will fit.

Paint color is an important, yet difficult decision. Choose your paint color as a final step, drawing on your furniture to determine the surrounding tones. Create a balance of mood in the room — coordinate colors from the same family. Warm tones and cool tones complement each other. Decorating with colors from contrasting families can create a messy and unbalanced room.

Start the research process by looking online and through interior design magazines, cutting out your preferences to place on a mood board. Even items outside of your price range can inspire to emulate for a less expensive price.

Create a Focal Point

Focal points draw the eye and act as an exciting place to land on every time you enter the living room. The points can be permanent, architectural features like a fireplace or window, or elements you have introduced, like your television. Rotate your furniture to the focal point, and accessorize the feature—this will emphasize what space is used for and will create a setting practical to your needs.

Televisions can be accompanied by sophisticated units, such as 1825 Interiors’ Stonemill Small TV Unit with Wheels ($538.00), adorned with candles and a vase of fresh flowers. Place your television away from direct sunlight to prevent glare.

Art pieces can be hung in prominent locations on the wall, alone or surrounded by a cluster of complementary graphics. Lean your art against the wall to create modern focal statements, ideal for small spaces, and easy to change.

Conversation Areas

Create locations within your living room ideal for intimate gatherings and close conversations. Place chairs, sofas, and ottomans close enough so that guests are not required to shout. Large areas require more than one conversation space.


Although close quarters are warm and cozy, moving around these spaces can be a pain in the shins. Walk through your area, taking note of any tight spaces. Move furniture accordingly and remember to consider possible guests and the capacity of your living room.

Place furniture away from the walls—though seemingly counterintuitive, doing this can create close quarters and the vision of space.


Large ticket items such as lounges must suit your living room. As these items are used every day, it is essential that you choose correctly.

Measure your space before heading to the store to understand the scale of the lounge suite that will fit. Expensive items require planning, and a good lounge should last over ten years. Choose a durable fabric to suit any child or pet requirements. Prevent staining by purchasing an easy-to-clean fabric like cotton, in a dark color. Experiment with luxurious fabrics and textures through cushions.

Coffee Table

Often overlooked, coffee tables provide a range of practicality and style, completing your living room ensemble. Place a large coffee table in your room to extend the space.

Decorate the middle of the table with a small cluster of accessories that will not compromise the view of your focal point. Remember to use coasters to protect the integrity of your furniture. Pair 1825 Interiors’ Spindle Round Coffee Table ($279.00) with their Resin Drink Coaster Set – Izmir ($18.00) for a shabby chic aesthetic.

Choosing a coffee table requires a tape measure, as it is best to choose a table lower than your lounge or upholstered seat. Place your table at a reasonable distance, at arm’s length so that you can comfortably lean to place drinks onto the table without standing.

Side Table(s)

Used as an alternative to coffee tables, side tables can also be distributed around the room where other surfaces are out of reach. When purchasing side tables, a light hand is necessary as not to overcrowd the space. These tables should be within reach, at either side of your sofa, or next to an upholstered chair. When used instead of a coffee table, side tables can be placed together to mimic the function.


Accessorize your room around important pieces of furniture, drawing attention to coffee tables, lounge suites, and sideboards. Add color and glamour to your space with soft furnishings, window coverings, lighting, and cabinetry.

Decorate your settee with 1825 Interiors’ Solstice Oatmeal/Gold Cushion ($53.00) tie this color in with a Cast Iron Gold Apple ($25.00) and feature around the room for a pop of distinction.

Window treatments are an underrated area to decorate. Tie them into your furniture to seamlessly complete the room. Run a metallic accent through the curtains and extend the color through lighting fixtures and cushions.

When lighting your room, allow for a warm pendant light or lamps, making sure you illuminate every seat.

Spice up your decorating with bold and illustrated art prints. Art should be hung at eye level or leaned against the wall to create a layered effect. Leaving walls empty makes for an unfinished room. Counteract this by creating a feature wall with a mirror, colored wall, or multiple hung photographs. Decorate with art that compliments your tastes. When hanging mirrors, do not hang them opposite couches, or anywhere that guests may be forced to stare at their reflection.

Create separate rooms within your space by placing rugs below furniture. Furniture should sit comfortably on your rug, particularly the front two legs. Choose an alternative texture for your rug to lift the levels of luxury.

Bring potted plants into your room to improve the air quality and brighten any unsightly, bare corners.

Store in a Smart Way

Declutter your space in a savvy way, by choosing furniture that integrates storage. Choose your storage items depending on the space that requires decluttering. Bedrooms can be minimalized with bedframes featuring large, practical drawers like 1825 Interiors’ Georgia King Bed Frame with Storage Drawers ($999.00) or purchase a storage drawer such as the Balmoral Day Bed Drawer ($116.00) for an existing frame.

Create a statement with your storage by displaying your belongings. Bookshelves showcase your goods, while cabinetry allows you to hide unsightly possessions.


If children are a permanent presence in your home, secure their safety by choosing furniture without sharp corners. Round tables create a modern theme and eliminate potential hazards.

Hide and clean children’s toys with cabinetry as in 1825 Interiors’ Macquarie Two Tone Ladder Bookcase ($2,298.00), where ample room is provided for displaying and concealing. Fix light bookshelves to your walls for security, and ensure precious items are placed on a higher shelf.

Your living room is a place to enjoy life. Mirror this lust for life with furniture, furnishings, and accessories to suit your budget and make for an altogether more enjoyable space.