Design Hits and Tips for Pool Coping


Pool coping is something one has to think about if they are considering getting a new pool this summer. Whether you are building a pool from scratch or renovating a new one, pool coping is an important step of the overall process.

The installation or renovation of a swimming pool asks for a lot of time and planning. It is more than just filling a convex surface with water. One has to think about the fencing, heating, and pool water type. After this, there is also the question of the finishing of the pool.

A pool has to be of high quality regarding both aesthetics and function for it to be enjoyable. One essential feature that contributes to this is pool coping.

What is Pool Coping?

The edging or the capping that is put around the shell of the swimming pool is known as the pool coping. It involves both the material used for the edging and its design. It is often referred to as the crowning glory of a swimming pool.

The main purpose of a pool coping is to stop the water from getting outside the shell of the swimming pool. Once installed properly, the coping ensures that the water that comes out of the pool is redirected to the nearby drains. It prevents the area around the pool from becoming watery, dirty, and slippery.

Styles of Pool Coping

There are different designs and styles in which a pool coping can be done according to the taste and aesthetic of a particular person. In the broad spectrum, there are three shapes of pool coping,

  • Square Edge: The coping material is placed on the edge of the swimming pool during the construction process. The square edge style provides a straight finish to the look of the pool coping. It smoothly bends the pool deck with the pool edge. The square edge is also very popular because of its sophisticated and sleek finish.
  • Single bull-nose: Another style is bullnose coping. It gives a more geometrical look the pool. Pool Coping has a rounded edge and is available in multiple color options. It is one of the most commonly used styles of pool coping.
  • Rebated Coping: A rebated edge is one of the more modern and newer styles available. This kind of style has a dropped edge. While not the most aesthetic option available, it is undoubtedly one of the most useful options. It works best towards keeping the water inside the shell of the pool.

Material Used for the Coping

The material used plays a vital role. There are a variety of materials to choose from when building a pool coping. The most popular choices are natural stone coping, tile coping, and concrete coping.

While choosing the material, one must keep in mind a variety of factors like the size of the material, the density of the edge, slip-resistance and cost of the material. For example, while the natural stone is a very aesthetic option, it is also very costly.

On the other hand, while tile is cheap, it is not very slip-resistant. One must also choose a material that is durable and easy to maintain. This prevents future costs on the user.

Thus, it is important to realize that pool coping is an important step in the process of setting up a swimming pool. It helps the pool area to remain clean and safe for its users. It helps the excess water in the pool to be transferred to the nearby pools. So, it is important to follow these tips while choosing a pool coping.