Decorating The Garden According To Your Favorite Style – Landscaping Company Reno

Decorating The Garden According To Your Favorite Style – Landscaping Company Reno

The outer space of your house can be arranged as you please, no matter what size. Below you can find some garden ideas organized in different styles, from which you can choose your favorite design!

Garden Arrangement In Rustic Style

The rustic gardens are full of greenery and color, and the central element is wood. You can use wood to decorate the path, to build a turret or even a swing. Also, you can use some wooden objects to create a dining space. Wooden chairs or stools, exceptionally handcrafted, are ideal if you want to create a rustic style garden.

The Arrangement of French-style Garden

Symmetry and order are two of the main features of a French-style garden. Stone carvings and green bushes with geometric shapes should not be missing from your garden. Add a little color with a few plants in vibrant shades, and if you want a more authentic note, plant lavender bushes in the yard. They’ll take you to those long stretches of lavender in Provence.

Another critical feature is perfection, so you need to take care of trees and plants in the garden regularly. The trees must be planted in a straight line, and the flowers must be organized to form geometric patterns. The shades to predominate are pink, white, purple and light blue. You can even set up in an artificial pond or artesian fountain for a refinement of the garden

The Arrangement of English-style Garden

When it comes to setting up an English-style garden, you should not miss blush-colored roses, which you can also plant in shady places. Also, the English rural gardens are distinguished by the abundance of flowers and bushes that create a bold decoration. See here.

On both sides of the trail, you can arrange a short hedge to delineate the spaces full of flowers. The garden must be as vibrant and colorful as possible, and keep a specific order and unstudied balance.

There should be no decoration pieces, such as wrought iron or wood benches, ceramic pots, ornamental ponds, bird houses or statues.

Japanese Style Garden Design

The aesthetic principle on which the Japanese gardens are based is known as the “fukins,” according to which asymmetry is the way in which the balance can be controlled. Japanese-style gardens have to be simple and elegant, ideal for space for meditation and communion with the environment.

The carriages are narrow and the serpent, being arranged with materials such as sand or stone. The central element is the turret surrounded by a hell, over which a small arched wooden or stone bridge passes. Plant the rest of the garden a few cherries, Japanese Sakura, which will create a fabulous spring decoration when they bloom.

You can choose Japanese style and interior design to complement your garden design. Here are some ideas about the influence of Japanese style on interior design.

Planting the Garden in Vintage Style

The vintage style gardens have that look that takes us to the old courtyards, where the plants have spread to their will and have mastered the whole landscape. Therefore, climbing plants should not miss out of the garden if you choose to decorate it in vintage style. Pink capris, ivy, purple glycine, and clams are our recommendations. Add pink or white roses to color the garden and smash it.

Fill in the decor with a few unconventional items, such as old wooden boxes, old furniture and even a handkerchief to use as a support for flowers. The main materials you can use are brass, iron, wood, metal or brick. In case you need help, reach out to an expert in landscaping in Reno.

The Arrangement of Garden in Modern Style

Minimalist design and clean lines define the modern-style gardens. The predominant colors are white and green, but you can also add shades of purple or red. Choose to plant a few low-exotics, high temperature and easy to care.

The paths are made of gravel and tiles or marble, but they can also be composed entirely of wooden planks. If you want to create a space for relaxation, choose pieces of furniture with minimalist design. Instead of the Artesian fountain, you can choose to set up a waterfall. Modern style is suitable for small gardens as well as for large yards.

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