The Growing Popularity Of Country Style Home Designs And Plans

Country Style Home Designs

The Growing Popularity Of Country Style Home Designs And Plans

Country style home designs are indeed one of the most popular styles. The basic plan of a country style home embraces a front or wraparound porch and you can add some modern facilities in your country cottage. Today, there are many different styles coming up based on the growing need and popularity of these homes.

The country style homes can be traced back to the 18th century when Europeans introduced the Colonial style. Perhaps the most recognizable country style home design plans of those times included two windows on either side of the front door and a middle window directly above the door. There were five windows on the top floor in a row. There were wide porches, wood detailing, and shutters in the country style homes that looked warm and inviting.

The early American settlers looked for vernacular building techniques that were suitable to regional conditions and for informal living. Nothing can beat the lure of living in a country home in a farm setting,

 The Charm Of Country Style Home Designs:

Today, both rural and suburban families alike are enamoured by the charm of a countryside living. Perhaps a bigger reason is the claustrophobic lifestyle of the polluted, congested cities.

People love the idea of living in a spacious country house with a large porch and surrounded by magnificent nature views. They can spend their time with their family in their country home and they can even earn some money by renting out their countryside home.

  • Today, country home builders offer a lot many options and styles when it comes to the country style home designs. Traditional country houses still carry a straightforward rectangular design, but you can find some experimentation with the country style homes. Today, there are simpler and sleek floorplans as well as complex and sophisticated ideas for the country homes. Thus, one should expect great diversity in the country style home designs and styles.
  • Country style home designs are also referred to as country home plans or country house plans or country plans for houses. Whatever the name, the designs carry an idyllic sense of relaxed rural living. There is a gracious sense of elegance and comfort that surrounds these homes. The homes in the countryside look like a lovely rustic retreat that could be a vacation spot.
  • The spacious porches extend the living space to the interiors and create a seamless transition between the outdoors and indoors. Country house plans may have one floor or two floors and often carry an asymmetrical layout. Another common feature is a gable roof with at least one dormer window. They have a large spacious kitchen and a great living area for casual living. There are plenty of rooms and space for the family, and these homes suit the needs of modern living style.

How Would You Choose The Best Country Home Designs?

Browse the available country home designs right away to learn what is available in the market and what is trending. The country-living idea is indeed unique and irresistible to the modern dwellers who simply love the modern twist to the classic look. They can enjoy the contemporary design elements as they embrace the traditional old-fashioned way of living. The country style home designs do not sacrifice any of the modern amenities you desire. You can customise the homes or buy one that meets your needs.

It is difficult to look away from the timeless appeal of these country plans with modern interior layouts and natural elements. So, you can search the best country style home designs online and choose the one as per your requirements.

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