Must Consider These Things Before You Buy Himalayan Salt Lamps


The Himalayan Mountains home some of the most vibrant-colored salts, and the most common one include pink, grey, and white. It is essential to keep the room’s color scheme and interior décor in mind while selecting the color of the salt lamp. A rightly selected color can help you attain a high level of design coherency and can remarkably help augment the beauty of the living space. The preference of colors does also vary with the rarity of the design, and some design enthusiast prefers the white salt lamps which are incredibly unique & rare.

The pink salt lamp is perfect for the lovers of trendy and vivacious design as it’s the most common and highly loved salt color. There’s a unique sense of neutrality in this color, and it smoothly blends in with several contemporary design themes. Lastly, the grey color is for the lovers of darker shades. This color is perfect for design enthusiasts who want to embed this natural piece into their décor themes surreptitiously.

  • These Salt Lamps Come in Multiple Sizes 

The Himalayan salt lamps are available in several different sizes depending upon the weight and the quantity of salt. Along with the weight, the height also increases with the increase in size. Prior to finalizing on a salt lamp, it is important to consider the size of the room and the space available. The availability of sizes is a great luxury, especially for design enthusiasts who want to revitalize multiple rooms with the essence & beauty of the pure & natural salt extracts.

The five common sizes of the salt lamp include small, medium, large, x-large, and xx-large and are specifically designed to adjust in the available space smoothly. The size selection of salt lamps is a simple affair and bigger the room larger the size of the lamp required. As these natural lamps have to fight off the positively charged pollutants, a mismatched sized can adversely affect the ionization efficiency of the lamps. There are no limitations in the contemporary world of design, and sometimes, it is best to augment the ambiance quality with the use of multiple-sized lamps throughout the living space.

  • The Shape of the Crystal Salt Lamp

The Himalayan crystal salt lamps are available in a number of eye-catching and appealing shapes both natural and hand-crafted. The naturally extracted salt lamps representing the natural surface of the mountain are among the most popular shapes of crystal lamp. The natural shapes are exceptional, but nowadays, the contemporary design lovers greatly admire design creativity. Hence, more vibrant and creative shapes are being crafted to adhere to the ever-evolving needs of modern design perfectly.

The Himalayan salt lamps are now also available in several regular decorative shapes which are supported on a wooden base. Some design enthusiasts want to decorate the living space in a creative yet geometric manner and desire a high degree of design coherence. For such design lovers, artistic & decorative salt lamps are crafted which are ideally suited to the contemporary living environment. From amazing cylindrical lamps to unique Christmas tree-shaped lamps, there is no scarcity of awesome lamp designs, and each one is crafted to mesmerize the viewers. Other popular shapes include egg shape, raindrop shape, ball shape, cube shape, rectangle shape, pyramid shape, and many more.

  • The Quality of the Crystal Lamps

There is no compromise on the quality and quality stands as the pivotal criteria for consideration of any design element. In terms of pure Himalayan salt lamps, the quality is majorly defined by the authenticity of the salt extracts. Extracted from the rocky Himalayas, it is essential to select such an authentic and pure salt lamp which doesn’t contain many impurities. The impurities can not only spoil the benefits of the salt lamps but do also lack the same level of visual superiority.

Other than the purity of the salt extracts, there are also many elements which contribute to the overall quality of the authentic Himalayan salt lamps. The structure of the contemporary lamps do even matters, and its importance gets magnified in specially-crafted decorative lamps. Besides this, the power cable and the bulb quality also need to be taken into consideration.

Where to Buy Salt Lamps?

There are tons of salt lamps available in the market today, yet not all succeed in adhering to the high-quality standards required by the design enthusiasts. The most important thing is to survey the market and select a place which holds an excellent reputation and guarantees supreme quality. Fab Glass & Mirror is one of such platforms which provide the most amazing authentic Himalayan salt lamps. Catering to the ever-evolving needs of the design enthusiasts, this platform serves as a one-stop-shop for the lovers of natural beauty. There are several unique salt lamps available and are categorized based on shapes, natural or decorative lamps, and USB salt lamps.

Guaranteeing 100% real Himalayan salt extracts, these lamps are available in several different sizes & dimensions selected based on clients’ needs. Standing on a polished Neem wooden base, every element of the lamp resonate a great sense of design coherency and visual appeal. The unique salt lamps available at Fab Glass & Mirror come up with an extra 15-watt bulb and do also have brightness dimmable control.

The salt lamps are not only an aesthetical element of the interior design but hold much great significance due to its therapeutic benefits. It is always suggested to never compromise on quality, especially when it comes to the natural salt lamp. It is always recommended to opt for the most authentic & pure salt lamps with minimal to no impurities.