Are Ceiling Fans a Good Investment?


Ceiling Fans are a great addition to your house. There is a large variety of benefits that can be gained by installing a Ceiling Fan in your home. Not only does it provide cool air, but also adds decor to a place and makes it look more attractive.

It is one of the best ideas for home improvement to have a Ceiling Fan, which can help to reduce the electricity consummation instead of using an AC unit. Having a high quality ceiling fan means that it can be used in the hot summer months and also can be efficiently utilized during the cold winter days when it runs on a reverse. Ceiling Fans, however, are mostly overlooked and never given enough importance, even though they are sleek, quiet, affordable and useful. Moreover, they are available in so many varieties and forms to choose from!

Why Invest in a Ceiling Fan?

Like already mentioned, Ceiling Fans are a great addition to a house and do not take up any floor space and quite safe as well. There are various other benefits as well, mentioned below:

Ceiling Fans are Energy Efficient

Ceiling Fans may seem expensive since they are not very common, but they are actually quite economical. While a regular or an average air conditioning unit will use around 3,500 watts of energy, a Ceiling Fan on the other hand only uses about 60 watts of power and even when the Ceiling Fan is running on high! Moreover, it does not even cost much to purchase and to install a Ceiling Fan and the regular electricity costs are also quite low and affordable.

Ceiling Fans Equipped with Lights

Ceiling Fans come in all types, shapes, and sizes. One of the very useful features of a Ceiling Fan is a one that is equipped with lights. Ceiling Fans with light serves as a multipurpose fan. They provide a cool breeze to a room, adds some nice decor to a place and provides ample amount of light where it is needed. So if you feel you need more light in a room or in a specific area of the house, then you can find a Ceiling Fan with lights that go with the overall decor and the ambiance of your room.

Fans help you Sleep Better

A new trend in sleep therapy is known as the “Fan Noise Therapy” where the sound of the fan can actually help people to sleep better. Those people who do not have a fan installed in their house are actually downloading the humming noise of the fan which helps to soothe them into a deeper slumber. It is actually ideal for those who are unable to sleep well if they live in an area close to the main city and the constant noise of the traffic or sudden noises jolt them up in the middle of their sleep. The noise of the fan does the opposite by creating a white noise and masking the other noises which may be a constant distraction.

Fans add to the Home Decor

Gone are the days where Ceiling Fans used to look like those bulky and ugly designs where they would just be collecting dust and adding more cleaning. Nowadays there is a large variety of Ceiling Fans that a person can invest in. You can easily find the best Ceiling Fans in all designs and style like scandi, pastel-colored, vintage styled or industrial. It can actually be added to a place like a furniture piece in a room, without taking any floor space.

Health Benefits

Spending hours in a room that is centrally air-conditioned dehydrates your skin. It can make a person more prone to allergies and catching colds and flu. It also makes a person less tolerant of the sticky weather, if person is always confined within the air-conditioned space. When it comes to Ceiling Fans, it helps to promote better skin and health and lets your skin breathe. Moreover, when it gets really hot, the combination of both air conditioning as well as the fan can help to ease out the electricity bill as well as provide the right amount of cooling in a room.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Another great addition to the variety of ceiling fans are the outdoor ceiling fans. They are ideal for those places which have humid weather and suitable for partially covered areas. They are equipped with an aluminum motor that means, it would not rust quickly, and it can be durable. It provides the perfect setting outdoors for your barbecue or for a party without the guests sweating in the heat!

Ceiling Fans are Safe

Ceiling fans are quite safe to use inside or outside the house. It is ideal for houses where there are children or pets running around the house and they can easily trip on a cord of a fan if it is not installed on the ceiling. The ceiling fans provide the ideal way of cooling your house, up high and out of sight.

Cheap Ceiling Fans are Available

Ceiling fans are quite affordable; you can easily buy yourself a nice cheap ceiling fan for as little as $149. Not only is the one-time investment quite reasonable but the energy costs are also quite low.


Investing in a ceiling fan is a good investment and also a good home improvement and household appliance. There are all kinds of ceiling fans that are available. Be it outdoor ceiling fans or ceiling fans with lights, whichever type you prefer; there is always a great option from which you can choose. You can also easily find a beautiful and cheap ceiling fan if you are on a budget.

With so many benefits of a ceiling fan mentioned above, there is not much to think about. A ceiling fan is a must-have for all weathers!