Best Types of Concrete to Improve the Housing Structure

Best Types of Concrete to Improve the Housing Structure

There are many possible ways to build the house. There are many techniques involved to build it strongly to stand any climatic calamities. Concreting is one of the well-known methods which has followed since ancient times. It is still followed in many countries. People believe that concrete will provide a strong roof which can withstand high current and any kind of weather situations.

Concrete is a material which can be created by mixing cement with other necessary compounds or materials including broken bricks and other strong particles which are capable of sticking with cement. There are many ancient buildings out there which are nearly one hundred years to two hundred years old which are made of concrete but still standing strong giving a testimonial for a strong structure.

Types of Concrete

The process of concreting is same, but the materials that are used for making a compound or concrete will vary based on the raw materials available. Cement is the major component which cannot be replaced by any other component, and it is a key component to create strong concrete whereas other raw materials might vary based on the needs and based on the location that the concrete is going to be applied. Some of the notable types of concrete are as follows:

Modern Concrete

Modern concrete is nothing but common concrete which is applied in common areas. It is usually made of Portland cement compounded with small Rock pebbles or rock like particles or substances which can increase the strength of the concrete. It should be able to withstand when it is placed under any physical stress.

High-Performance Concrete

High-performance concrete is known for its durability and its ability to withstand any climatic or weather conditions. It can withstand a certain amount of weight when placed over it.

High Strength Concrete

It is very popular for its weight handling property. High strength concrete is usually used for constructing strong building like skyscrapers or any kind of commercial buildings including schools, colleges and hospitals. This is capable enough to withstand the stress of more than hundreds of pounds. It is formed by using Portland cement along with fumes of silica.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is built to apply it in the areas including garages, footpaths and pavements. It is used instead of hard marbles as the area of applying these will not be suitable for any floor decorations. It is considered to be a process which is a better alternative for hollow blocks. This type of concreting technique is a perfect alternative for hollow blocks as it can withstand the weight more than the hollow blocks could do.


Limecrete is a new method in concreting technique. In this method, limestone will be employed instead of Portland cement. The limestone is very natural and organic and it is capable of absorbing carbon dioxide within its environment. This type of concreting method is getting popular for the past two to three years for its natural benefits.

Thus, strong concrete can be formed by using the suitable raw materials and by following the right techniques. Concreting is very important for a building as they provide durability. Air pressuring machine will be used over a concrete to eliminate vacuum space that may be formed while mixing the materials to create a compound.

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