Benefits And Drawbacks Of Engineered Wood Flooring


Engineered wood flooring has come to stay for a whole lot of reasoning. Apart from the fact, that the wooden flooring is a lot more attractive and good looking than most of the flooring system. There is a hand full of reasons why people go for engineered wood flooring.

Besides, just like everything else, despite the many benefits of the engineered wood flooring, this type of flooring also has its drawbacks. In this article, you are about to find out, both the upside and the downside of engineered wood flooring.

Benefits Of Engineered Wood Flooring

They appear like real wood

Even though the engineered wood flooring is not the real as wood flooring, users of such flooring have discovered that it does not look too different from the standard wood floor. The ordinary observer would not notice any difference between the natural wood floor and the engineered wood floor.

Less susceptible to damage

Because it is not real wood flooring, the engineered wood floor is less sensitive to the damage. Regular wood flooring would expand when exposed to a certain temperature or contract when exposed to heat. Nevertheless, it is not the case with engineered wood flooring.

Last longer

Because it is engineered wood flooring, it tends to last long after the installation. The glue used to hold it in place prevents it from wearing out quickly.

Stains can be removed with sandpaper

Although the engineered wood flooring is not the natural wood flooring, stains on such flooring can be removed merely by sanding with the sandpaper.

You can change the look with polish

With engineered wood flooring, you can polish your wooden floors and make it glow without damaging it. That is right. The engineered wood floors come in different colors that you can choose from as per your preference. Also, you can polish any of the colors according to your taste.

Installation is easy

Since it is not the ordinary wood flooring, the engineered wood flooring is easy to install in your house. It is because the engineered woods are already cut into different shapes and sizes ready to be fixed.

It is affordable

Despite all the benefits of the engineered wood flooring, it is affordable, since it can be self-installed. By self-installed, I mean you can install it yourself and save yourself that cost of the installation or hire professionals for the installation work.

Drawbacks Of Engineered Wood Flooring


Wood Flooring is not simple to maintain since it is not the natural wood flooring, you can sand an engineered wood flooring a limited number of times. It is mostly just one time or twice. It is due to its thin layer.

Difficult to repair if damaged

Since it can just be sanded once or twice; it would be difficult to scrub away tough stains from it. Moreover, as such, it may be hard to repair it, if damaged badly.


Wood flooring types have increased over the years. Now, there are lots of wood flooring types. The wood floors lovers can choose from many options available in the market. Over time, people have had more preference for the engineered wood floor for lots of benefits it has to offer.

However, it is also important that while we tint towards using the engineered wood flooring, we should also keep in mind the drawbacks of this type of flooring. The knowledge of both the right side and the downside of the engineered flooring system will help you to choose better option, most probably the one that suits your need.