Adding Value To Your Home: Renovation Of Exteriors


Some of the houses that we come across tend to leave a lasting impression in our minds. It’s not because those houses were huge or the design was ultra-modern. Whether it is a small cottage or two or three storied homes, some houses have well-maintained and beautiful exteriors that make them stand apart from the rest of the neighborhood is all because of renovations.

The joy and pleasant feeling that it gives you whenever you walk or drive by such houses cannot be explained. The truth is that you tend to look for something similar or which provides you with the same feeling when you start searching for a house of your own.

The most important factor when it comes to getting a fair price for a house in a competitive market is its curb appeal. It means you need to fix the broken outdoor tiles, fix the broken doorknob and trim the overgrown bushes and shrubs in your garden.

Jeff Stewart from Homes In Meridian ( says that an appealing trait of neighborhoods in Meridian is that homeowners take good care of their homes and yards, keeping the area clean and inviting. Let’s take a look at some of the exterior home renovations that could get you a better return on investment.

Keep Your Yard Clean And Free Of Clutter

Whether it is some of the excess building materials like bricks or a few bags of cement or tiles that you used earlier or piles of dry leaves or branches, make sure you remove it from your yard. The refuse that lies around the house creates a negative impression in the minds of prospective buyers. Outdoor furniture also needs to look clean and attractive enough.

An Attractive Front Door

If your front door looks worn out and unattractive, it could surely turn the buyers away. You can either think about replacing the front door or re polish or paint it using a bold color that matches perfectly with the entire appearance of your house. A durable and attractive front door always influences the resale value of a house.

Paint The Exterior

The color of the house (exterior walls) is often the first thing that a prospective buyer notices when it comes to the exteriors. If the color is not attractive enough get it repainted with a more attractive color.


A well-maintained front and back yard with perfectly trimmed hedges and bushes, mowed lawn, and attractive potted plants will increase the curb appeal of your house. Don’t forget to fix a broken fence or add a fresh coat of paint if it looks worn out. It will also increase the market value of your house.

Replace Or Repaint The Roof

The roofing of a house plays a significant role in how attractive it looks. You could either consider change the color or replace it with another type that is attractive and long-lasting.

The curb appeal often influences the prospective buyer’s first impression while looking for a new house. The home exteriors need to be kept in order and attractive enough to get your buyers attention as well as excellent resale value.