5 Tips for Best Preparation of Your Child’s First Dental Visit

5 Tips for Best Preparation of Your Child’s First Dental Visit

We all have been aware of the stories of children throwing tantrums and screaming out loud when they have their first dental checkup. This time is terrifying for the little ones and hectic for the parents. However, if the parents pay a little attention to this topic and prepare their children beforehand, then the child’s first dental visit can become comfortable for both the child and the parents.

It is usually believed that a child should start visiting his dentist by the time he has his first tooth or first birthday. It is to help prevent tooth decay and support sound oral health at bay. Moreover, it helps in inculcating healthy oral practices in childhood.

Preparing the Child for the First Visit

Apart from making children adopt healthy practices at a young age, this first dental visit of the young ones also assists in educating the parents regarding the cleaning of their children’s teeth. So, before the parents plan the first dental visit for their kid, they need to prepare their child to reduce the anxiety that he or she may feel about the dental checkup.

First of all, the parents, after setting up an appointment with the doctor, should ask about the things to anticipate on the first visit. It is required to prepare the child accordingly. As the dental checkup is unappealing to most of the little ones, so they need to be made comfortable with soothing words.

It is instructed to not to use any adverse words with them, e.g. “It will not hurt you”. Such deleterious phrases will put a negative impact on the minds of the children. It is also proposed to have a plan B ready in case the child is uncomfortable or throws tantrums. There might also be a necessity to reschedule the visit. But the comfort of the child should be kept the topmost primacy.

Choose the Right Dentist

Another most important point to keep in mind while scheduling the first dental visit is that the parents should choose the dentist very carefully. The dentist who is right for them might not work out for the kids.

It is because most of the children dentists design their clinics to be kid-friendly. It also includes avoidance of scary pictures of tooth problems. The children friendly dentists also arrange some fun activities for them while in the waiting room. Also, a child dentist will have much more patience and would be gentler with the kids as compared to the adult dentist.

Examining the Kids at Home

The little ones would be much more comfortable during the dental checkup if they have had prior experience of being checked at home. The parents should regularly take out time to peer into their mouth.

Although it might be tricky to handle an infant for this monitoring all of this will prepare the kid for their first official dental visit, and hence fewer complications will be faced by both the dentist and the parent.

Timing of the Appointment

It is suggested that the dental checkup be arranged at Raleigh, NC dentist at such a time when the infant is in a good mood. Children usually show cranky behaviours at times and have mood swings now and then.

A dental visit in such a bad mood might turn out to be very tense. Hence, it is best to arrange the meeting with the dentist at such a time slot when the kid is rested and is comfortable.

Dental-Themed TV Shows

It is a known fact that a child picks things more quickly by watching something rather than reading. By showing the dentist, related videos to the kids might have a positive impact on their minds. For example, their favorite cartoon character might have an episode related to the dental visit.

By watching such animated clips, the children might get excited about their first dental checkup. Moreover, it is an excellent way to highlight the importance of oral health in the minds of the little ones.

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