How To Smoke Marijuana & Not Get Caught With Products Like Test Clear


Marijuana or Cannabis is a long-leafed plant that can grow in tropical and sub-tropical climates depending on the strain of the plant used. Let’s be completely honest here. The fact that you’ve searched, clicked, or somehow “found” yourself reading this article can mean three things:

  1. You’re On Weed
  2. You Plan On Getting On Weed
  3. You’re On Weed So Bad You Can’t Help It

Now, am I right or am I more right? Those are the only two choices you have because really, there’s no other REASONABLE excuse for you to be reading this article right now. And no, curiosity doesn’t work. It’s the oldest excuse in the book! Let’s be honest and accept the fact that we’re all hooked on the plant, okay? No judgment of any sort, here.

Marijuana has a long history of medicinal use and is still being used as alternative medicine in many places all over the world – especially in tribal communities. However, it remains to be controversial in many countries. Mainly because of one important component: tetrahydrocannabinol.

What is THC?

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the compound present in marijuana that causes the “high in the clouds” feeling people get when they ingest the substance. It’s the compound that is said to enhance or influence cognitive function as it is the main psychoactive constituent of marijuana. On the plus side, THC is said to have many health benefits which include chronic pain relief, bronchodilation, treating PTSD, improving the sleep-wake cycle and appetite, and many more.

Most of us are after the health advantages provided by medical marijuana. However, its legalization is still strongly rallied against in many countries because of the dependency disorder people can develop using it.  According to American Addiction Centers, marijuana may develop a physiological dependency but not a psychoactive one (see reference). It means that understanding and comprehension is not impaired or compromised during THC intoxication.

Several countries have approved the use of marijuana largely because of its contributions to health, and some have even approved of growing a pot or two at home. However, for the most of us who still live in countries where the use of weed is still legally banned, we have to take necessary precautions to avoid getting the authorities’ attention. As they say “You’re only wrong when you get caught.”

Consider this as a major crossroad in your life and decide which path you are willing to take. Will, you quit smoking pot? Or, will you quit recklessly smoking pot?

If you’re all in for option number two, then here are three things I advise you to do:

Avoid Chronic Smoking

If you’re a chronic smoker, the THC toxins present in your body are too concentrated to get rid of it only a few weeks’ time. At most, heavy users will need six months of rehab before the substance is fully expelled from their bodies. Unfortunately, if you’re about to undergo a drug test anytime soon, naturally flushing out the toxins from your body is a no-go. There wouldn’t be enough time. So, start today. If you can limit your dose or gradually switch from being chronic to an occasional user, you can naturally rid your body of THC much faster than before.

Try Detox

On top of limiting your use of marijuana, eating food that is proven to detoxify your body of THC is a good option to consider. Think of it as “canceling out” the intoxication. Instead of drinking six glasses of water per day, for example, drink ten. Water helps flush out the toxins more easily through urination. Drinking cleansing teas are also believed to be effective. Limit your intake of red meat and dairy products, do regular exercise, and get enough sleep. Maintaining a healthy physique is an excellent way to rid yourself of THC toxins faster.

Clear the Test Synthetically

When all else fails, you still have products like Testclear. The internet is a brilliant source of instant solutions to drug tests. We now have detox shampoo, fake pee, and synthetic saliva rampantly sold online. Mind you, these products are proven to deliver remarkable results and can help you pass any drug test. So, are you scheduled for a drug test tomorrow? Not a problem! Just make sure that you have a stash of these products in your home for emergency use.