3 Secrets to Help You Become Intentional with Your Health

3 Secrets to Help You Become Intentional with Your Health

How long do you want to live?  The answer here would be unanimous, very long.  But what are you doing to ensure you live as long as you want because of health?  Everybody ages!  It is the truth of life.  Almost everyone over the age of 40 years would want to live a longer, healthier life physically, cognitively and emotionally.

In the 21st Century, it is possible to live this kind of life, but you will have to fight all the negatives that crowd your everyday life.  Becoming intentional with everything you do could be your first step to gaining the ultimate health.

Why Become Intentional?

There are a million things you do with your life that happen.  You can also easily point out things that have crowded your life that is not meant to be there.  Becoming intentional gives you the confidence to eliminate all the junk that is not meant to be in your life and work on the vital features that make your life matter.

It is not applicable to your health only but every area of your life. The same way you delete every junk mail that comes to your inbox is the very same way you should deal with anything that negatively affects your life.

How to Become Intentional Health?

Do you want to lose weight?  Is it one of the goals you have set a year in, year out?  What have you achieved so far?  It is straightforward to spend all your time thinking you hate how you look but unless you get up and do something, it will remain a dream never coming true.

Staying healthy is a choice that we all can make.  Living a healthy life does not mean losing weight – though it might be part of it, it means being in a position whereby your mind, your physical body, and your emotions are working well. Unless you chose to nourish your body with the right nutrients, you would be fighting a losing battle.

Secrets to Staying Healthy Intentionally

Invest wisely

Investing in the right healthy aspects is critical.  Do you join the gym just because everyone is doing it?  Do you eat healthy just because someone else is cooking the food?  Becoming intentional in making healthy choices in life will be of great help to you.  For example, choosing to invest in something that is both fun and useful like a hybrid bike to cycle instead of driving your car everywhere is wisdom.

A bike is useful to both the young and the old and can be comfortably used by both.  It is known to keep your cardiovascular health fit among many other areas of your overall health.  If you don’t own a bicycle, you can easily rent one before deciding to buy one for yourself.  Ensure that you have done your homework right before investing in one.  Comparing prices and quality using the information found online like bestcomparer.com is vital to getting value for your money.  It is what investing wisely means!

Eliminate Excuses

As long as we live, humans will always come up with excuses.  Why?  Because the commitment lacks.  Do you want to accomplish something in your healthy life?  Then quit giving reasons all the time.  It’s easy to think ‘I can’t do this’, but if you want something wrong enough you will get it no matter what.

Stop giving excuses as to why you can’t exercise or why you can’t eat right or maintain a good sleeping routine.  All these are distractions that seek to stop you right on your path to success. Determine to set goals as well as schedules and stick to them without listening to the distractions.  For example, if you choose cycling, then make time for it.

Take turns to use your car and cycle to work every week.  During the weekends use your bike more than the car.  Looking for friends around your neighborhood that may want to cycle for a few kilometers every weekend can be so much fun.  The point here is, get out of your comfort zone and stick to the discipline that will help you stay healthy.

Find your Purpose

Idleness is a killer! If your mind is not being challenged by anything, then you are at a bad place health-wise.  A busy mind means that your body is at work and in return calories are being burned.  Note, a busybody is not addressed here because it is easy to be a busybody that barely thinks through things.  Don’t become a busybody!  Finding something vital that you focus your energy on is critical to your health.  Passion, purpose and mastery results in a fit consistent life.

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