Reasons for unexpected Weight Gain

Reasons for unexpected Weight Gain

We all want to live a very healthy life which is free from different diseases especially because we know the different diseases associated with weight. The growing concern towards weight is now not only confined to looks, but people now think in terms of health.

Obesity is known to cause some very deadly diseases in both men and women. Unhealthy eating habits not only make your skinny jeans and T-shirts tighter but also tend to disturb the whole functioning of your body.

You might not be able to control yourself for when it comes to burgers, fries, and junk but once you get to know how dangerous they are for the body, you might never want to look at it. If you want to look fit and healthy, then you must have to work on your diet plan and lifestyle to reduce your weight.  You can get help with Weight Loss Calculator to get the perfect idea of your weight loss or weight gain.

While we do admit that unhealthy eating habits cause excessive weight gain, we also don’t disagree with the people who complain about gaining weight even when their eating habits are not unhealthy. Numerous people tend to gain weight for unknown reasons, and yes, it is a point of concern. There are countless diseases which are caused due to different illnesses and abnormalities in the body.

If you are one of those people who face the same problem and are on the same boat, then relax. You must go for a proper doctor examination.

Below are some of the reasons why you might go through unexpected weight gain issues.


Whether we are talking about weight loss, or about maintaining weight, water always comes in action. Water is super important for the body. It is always preferred to drink water before every meal because it boosts the metabolism and weight loss process. The benefit is that water makes you feel so much fuller.

Moreover, when you don’t drink water, then the body starts saving water for different functions. Dehydration might even cause fat accumulation on your face. That is why water is preferred for weight loss and especially for losing facial fat.

Wrong sleeping habits

Sleep is something essential for the body. You might be eating right, and you might be adequately following your exercising routine, but you still might not be able to hit the perfect weight number just because your eating habits are not right. If you do not have a proper sleeping cycle, you might face abnormalities in your BMI and waistlines.

Experimentations have concluded that if a person is short on sleep or deprived, his/her body reacts in a very hyper and different way to the junk that one eats.

Abnormal thyroid

The thyroid is a gland. This gland is present just above your Adam’s apple in your body. The thyroid is responsible for keeping the BMR normal and stabilized. So it is convenient to say that one of the factors influencing the basal metabolic rate is thyroid.

Hypothyroidism is a term which refers to a condition where the thyroid hormone secretions are not sufficient or where there are under-secretions. In such cases, the hypothyroidism causes the thyroid gland to swell leading to goiter and can cause different diseases.

Abnormal and unexplained weight gain might also be due to the abnormalities in the thyroid. It is because the thyroid is responsible for the normal functioning of the metabolic activities. For this reason, proper iodine must be taken into the diet.


Yes, stress conditions might even be responsible for causing weight gain. If you think stress causes weight loss, then that’s okay too because it works both ways. It happens basically due to emotional eating. Stress might increase people’s appetite.

Hormonal imbalance, or polycystic ovary syndrome

It is for women. In this condition, the way in which a woman’s ovaries work is affected. And yes, this does include irregularities in periods. This condition is becoming highly common in girls.

Weight Loss Calculator

People who have just started with their weight loss journey know how much effort it requires. Sketching out the perfect weight plan which makes sure you do not become nutrient deficient isn’t the only deal, but one has to consider the calorie intake per day too. Substituting every food by healthy food again becomes difficult.

Well, if you are a person who has gained weight due to unknown reasons too or due to illnesses in the body, proper examination of the doctor is highly advised. Until and unless the doctor starts treating whatever is causing your weight gain, you might not be able to control the excess of weight that you are putting on.

A weight loss calculator is used to know the amount of calorie consumption per day of a person when he/she has intended on losing fat or weight. This calculator is exact and easy to use. It requires information about your current weight, gender, age, your height, your target weight, and also about how active/inactive you are. You also get a variety of different units in which you can calculate and know your desired value for ease purposes. This calculator provides you with your amount within seconds.

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