Positive Health Impacts of Diet and Exercise

Positive Health Impacts of Diet and Exercise

The key to having a healthy life comes with diet and exercise. They are not the only things that need to be done but are definitely important. Your diet must have fresh veggies, low-fat food, and proteins.

You need physical activity like walking, running, swimming, cleaning the house, and more. Both diet and exercise leave an impact on your health. What you eat and how much, leaves an impact on bone health, blood pressure, cardiovascular health, weight and more.

Diet and Exercise – The Better Lifestyle

There are plenty of reasons that make diet and exercise essential. They are all mentioned below:

Weight Control

The most common reason why people turn to diet and exercise is weight loss. However, they forget the other aspects that are equally important. You need to be fit and flexible, and so a minimum of 30-minute workout is essential.

To lose weight, you might need to give it more time and consume fewer calories. Calorie deficit occurs when you burn more calories than how much you eat. You can only burn calories by exercising and cutting down calorie count every day.

Better Bone Health

You need to consume vitamin D and calcium for maintaining healthy bones. A healthy diet can give you those as you include veggies, fruits, whole grains, and more. Getting 5-10 minutes of sunlight can add vitamin D to your body.

Exercise also plays a vital role to give you stronger bones. The weight-bearing exercises help keep bones strong and healthy. Weight-bearing exercises make muscles and bones work against gravity and leave an impact. You need to run, jump, lift the weight, play games, and more.

Running is a high-impact exercise like weight-bearing, but that’s not same with swimming. Having a healthy diet and exercise keeps you away from the most common bone condition of osteoporosis. You need to consult a doctor before you opt for high-impact exercises – he might recommend a test of bone density.

Controls Blood Pressure

When you exercise regularly, you can maintain proper blood pressure, reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and more. The high-fat diets that include sodium and lack of physical activity can leave a bad impact on blood pressure. Cut down on the amount of fat you consume along with sodium and cholesterol.

Get more into fitness by regular exercise – these will help you control blood pressure. Few minutes of exercise like even walking around can help you. Speak to your doctor before changing the diet and exercise plan, especially when you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure.

Cardiovascular Health

You need to consume fruits, veggies, whole grains, low-fat proteins, and low carbs and blend exercise to reduce heart risk. It prevents conditions like atherosclerosis or hardening arteries. Try to take up 30 minutes of aerobic exercise for 5 days every week.

Take up exercises like walking, biking, sports, swimming, and more. You need to take heart healthy diet so that you reduce chances of cardiovascular diseases. You also need to reduce sodium and saturated fat consumption. Try to choose the freshest fruit options and consume eggs and chicken.

Peninsula Doctor gives you a proper diet and exercise chart that suits your health condition. It is essential to take up a plan that goes with your body structure and health condition.

You keep away from risking overdoing and follow a proper direction that is meant for you. Always consult a doctor before you start making changes in lifestyle. It helps you prevent physical issues at all times and keeps you fit.

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