Living An Insurance Covered Life With Covid-19

Covid-19 Life Insurance

Living An Insurance Covered Life With Covid-19

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is terrified. Rightly so, no one is sure how long they would remain safe from the deadly virus. Most people are worried about their families incase they get affected and die from corona virus.

However, with the covid-19 Life Insurance Cover, you can rest assured that your family will be protected in the worst-case scenario of your absence. If you are confused about getting a life insurance plan for your family, here’s an overview of how it can benefit you and what you will need when shopping for a life insurance plan.

Benefits of Life Insurance with COVID-19

In case you are met with an accident or suffer from a sickness such as covid-19 during the current pandemic, chances are that you need to be confined in a hospital. In such a case, when you are under constant physician care, you will be entitled to life insurance coverage after the relevant investigation of the claim and receipt. You will receive a daily benefit of the following treatment plans.

Intensive Care Unit Confinement Benefit

If you have bought a life insurance plan for you and your family and someone is confined to the intensive care unit, they will be eligible for a complete Daily Benefit of your plan. However, it should be noted that the total amount of benefit provided for one day of hospitalization doesn’t surpass double the daily benefit.

Maximum Consecutive Hospitalization                                                 

Suppose the insured member is hospitalized for more than 24 hours consecutively. In that case, they shall be entitled to receive the payment of Benefits either from the Intensive Care Unit Benefit or the Main Benefits. This can carry on for a period of up to thirty days for one admission.

Waiting Period Between Two Hospitalizations

In the case of multiple hospitalizations, there must be a gap of 30 days between the two hospitalizations 

No benefit is payable in case of confinement of less than 24 consecutive hours. 

Natural Disability Benefit

This benefit provides for the payment of the full sum assured if natural causes cause permanent disability.

The required data

The employer’s basic data requirement is the list of employees showing the names, dates of birth, and CNIC number. This data is required at each renewal of the policy i.e., each year.

Timely adjustments of fluctuations can be made if employees’ turnover is communicated along with names, dates of birth, CNIC numbers, and date of leaving or joining. 

Service standards of your Insurance Company

We strive to provide you excellent services and serve you beyond your expectations. Having a friendly customer service and a dedicated sales force, we ensure you are the best of our attention.

We have set up stringent service standards so that we may satisfy our customers consistently. 

  • Claim Settlement within seven days of submitting claim documents.
  • Service response to business queries within two working days.
  • ISO 9001-2008 certified operational procedures to ensure optimal quality services.
  • Well-trained staff with a strong insurance background.
  • Preparation of quotations within two days of quotation requests from customers.

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