Know About False Teeth or Dentures


Many people use false teeth to cover up the lost permanent teeth. False teeth are called dentures, which are often made of acrylic, nylon, or metal. These dentures can be used in the place of a single tooth, more than one or sometimes the whole section of the gum.

Good quality and adequately fitted false teeth have different benefits to offer to wearer like better appearance, improved speech, and eating abilities. That is the reasons why people who have lost their teeth tend to use dentures enjoy the benefits.

Types of False Teeth

There are different kinds of false teeth available including partial and full dentures. So, the dentist will recommend you the denture according to the teeth requirements you have. Here are some of the different kinds of false teeth.

  • Partial Dentures – These dentures are used when people still have healthy teeth in the dental cavity. These are clipped to the existing teeth that remain.
  • Full Dentures – This denture is used when people tend to lose all teeth or most of them due to an injury, medical disorder, or old age. The denture is placed over the gum with the help of a plate and gum fittings. False teeth adhesive is used to keep the plates in place.
  • Removable Dentures – Removable dentures are a much modern solution to the false teeth. These can be removed when you want, and therefore most dentists recommend not to eat chewy or hard food items while wearing them. It can cause them to slip out or move out of place.

So, these are some of the different kinds of false teeth that people can use in place of decayed, broken, or damaged permanent teeth nowadays.

Maintaining False Teeth

It is important that you take care of your false dentures just the way you would have taken care of your original ones. Our mouth is full of bacteria, and the first step towards a good and maintained denture is by cleaning it regularly. You can use toothpaste and brush it thoroughly or dip it in a denture cleaning solution.

Always be careful while handling the false teeth and avoid bending them too much or drop them. These dentures have clips as well to keep it attached to the dental cavity, and you must take proper care while cleaning them to prevent any damage. Use a soft brush and rub gently instead of brushing it aggressively. You can keep your dentures inside water to prevent them from drying.

Do not forget to visit the dentist regularly to make sure that your dentures are in good condition and shape.

Why Use A False Tooth?

Well, there are several reasons because of which people use false teeth or dentures. If you are planning to get one, then read these following benefits of false teeth.

  • False teeth allow you to eat properly when you have lost your original teeth. You regain back the strength to chew and break food items.
  • False teeth enable your speech to become more prolific and clear. So, you will be able to talk more efficiently.
  • Using false teeth helps you to get your smile back which you would have otherwise embarrassed to do so after losing your original teeth.

Final Words

So, here is the relevant information which will be helpful for you if you are planning to get false teeth or denture. Contact your dentist in the locality to visit for a checkup and determine which denture will suit you the best according to your requirements and dental condition.