What are Dental Bridges and their effects on the Body?


Dental bridges help to connect or fill up the gaps between the teeth often caused by missing teeth. It is made up for the crowns of two or more teeth on both sides of the gap. These teeth which are anchored are often referred to as the abutment teeth. The false teeth are then placed between, and the false teeth are called pontics. The pontics are manufactured by gold, alloys, porcelain or by combining all these metals. The natural teeth and implants offer support to these dental bridges.

Why should you get Dental Bridges?

People get dental bridges done because of the following reasons

  • Helps to chew and speak correctly if you’ve lost teeth.
  • Offers the strength to the teeth so you can bite the teeth properly if you have a missing tooth.
  • Does not allow the teeth from moving from its position.
  • Helps you get back the natural smile.
  • Holds the proper shape of the face by maintaining your jawbones.

How many types of Dental Bridges are there?

There are usually three main kinds of dental bridges. However, you should get them depending upon what type you want to have. They are

  1. Traditional Bridges– These are the usual kind of bridges which require making up a crown for the tooth. It may also need the implants on any side of the missing tooth and a pontic in the middle. This is the most common kind of bridge. The bridges are made using ceramics or porcelain fused metals. 
  2. Cantilever Bridges– This kind of implantation is done when anyone tooth from a side is absent. This isn’t much common nowadays. However, one should not prefer doing it at the back of mouth. There it can cause further damage.
  3. Maryland Bonded Bridges– It is also referred to as the Maryland bridge or resin-bonded bridge. They are constructed using porcelain or by fusing porcelain in metal or plastic teeth. The gums are provided support by the framework of porcelain or metal. They are attached to any particular side of the existing teeth to ensure strength.

How long do these Dental Bridges exist?

These dental bridges often exist for a period of 15 years or longer. If you take proper care of your dental bridges, these bridges can last for more than ten years. However, if you do not take proper care of them, they may not last that long. 

Can Dental Bridges have an impact on your Eating Habits?

Not many know but getting dental bridges instead of missing teeth can ease up the process of eating. However, you should refrain from eating hard foods at the beginning itself because it may be problematic. Until then you should be eating soft foods or cut them into small pieces so it can improve your eating foods. 

Do Dental Bridges have an impact on the way you speak?

Though the process of eating becomes easy, speaking can become a bit tough. You would require to get accustomed to that process. It becomes problematic while speaking with missing tooth. If you start wearing dental bridges, it will help you to speak a little more and ease up the process.

How to take care of these Dental Bridges?

There are some dental health care that can help you get proper dental bridges done. You just need to look for the dentists near me and you will get the best option. Always make sure that your teeth are healthy and in proper condition as they would ensure the working of the bridge. You should brush your teeth to avoid tooth decay. You can consult a nutritionist as they would help you to choose the perfect balanced diet. That will also be beneficial for your teeth. Always ensure to take proper care of your teeth to have the bridges stay for a long time.