How You Can Create Your Own Meditation Space?


A meditation space at home can impact positively on mental health and well being and here is how to create one. 

Determine The Purpose Of Your Space

The first step in creating your meditation space is to think about the purpose of the space.  Is it going to be a private space or are you going to share the space with other people? You should also consider if you are looking to create a homely feeling or if you want to look for clarity and calm.  The purpose of your meditation space will help you determine where it should be located and what you are going to need in it. 

Finding A Space

Many people believe that you need to have an entire room for meditation and this is not true.  A corner of a room is generally enough. If you have an empty and spacious closet, you could also use this.  Of course, the space that you use should be based on the purpose of the space. You can turn the main area of your home into your meditation space or a corner of the bedroom or garden.  

Decorating Your Meditation Space

When it comes to decorating your meditation space, you should think about what objects and images will suit the purpose of the space.  Most people take a minimalist approach to the decoration of their space as this helps them avoid any distractions while they attempt to meditate.  Other people include images of Buddha, bowls and candles. 

If you are looking to create a sense of softness in the space, you should consider blankets and pillows.  You can also incorporate flowers or special lights into the space – add an indoor waterfall.   The decorations that you choose should be meaningful to you and help set this area of your home apart from the rest. 

If you are going to choose a Buddha statue for your space, you might want to consider the Earth Touching Buddha.  This Buddha sits in a state of meditation and will have his right hand touching the ground.  This can help remind you that we are all living Buddha’s and help you connect with the earth. 

Supply Your Space

To meditate, all you actually need is your body and breathe.  However, this does not mean that you cannot include other supplies in your meditation space.  A meditation cushion or pillow can help you relax or a singing bowl or beads that you can use for meditation practice can also be displayed.  There are some people who have a table or altar in their space which helps them create a focal point for their meditation.  

The supplies that you have in the space should be something that you are personally attuned to.  Some people have singing bowls which they use to help calm down before they meditate. The bowl can also be used to help focus attention as you ring the bowl and then breathe until you can no longer hear the sound.  

Make Your Space Sacred

When making a meditation space sacred, you do not have to include any religious or spiritual practices, although this is something that you can consider if you want to make it part of your meditation practice.  When making the space sacred you should ensure that you associate the area with stillness and the special time for meditation. This is particularly important if you have children as they need to be aware of the sacred nature of the space and not store their toys there.  Your family also needs to be aware that they have to be quiet around the area when you are using it. 

You might want to consider having a visible space as well.  Some people like to keep their space private while others like to have a more open space.  If you have a visible space, you can often use it to calm down during the day without actively meditating.