Is Cool Sculpting The Best Way To Get Rid Of Belly Fat?


Is there a way to get rid of those unseemly bulges and love handles without resorting to diet, exercise or an invasive weight loss surgery? Well, it’s heartbreaking to see a stubborn fat layer on the belly when one has trimmed down the other trouble areas.

There is the holistic approach, where you burn those pounds by controlling your diet, while simultaneously opting for a rigorous exercise program.  But there is also another easier way to get the job done without all that hard work and stress. And that is ‘CoolSculpting”. But is CoolSculpting the best way to get rid of that extra fat? Let us take a look and figure out ourselves.

Liposuction, or a healthy lifestyle or CoolSculpting

Many people typically undergo some ‘fat removal’ surgery every year. But surprisingly many, if not most of them have never really heard about an all-new technique known as “CoolSculpting”.

The method claims to remove belly fat without any invasive surgery. Many academicians and experts also agree that the procedure works for a change. And quite unlike all those so-called ‘miracle’ pills, it does not end up making a fool out of the user who may have been beguiled into using such ridiculous ‘medicines.’

Many individuals who got their belly fat removed via CoolSculpting have reported positive results in the initial three months, and best of all, there is no need to use a needle or a scalpel. It is unprecedented in the annals of fat removal techniques. And what’s more is that CoolSculpting is FDA approved. That is the Food and Drug Administration, the US regulatory body responsible for overseeing both old and new and revolutionary medical treatments. Currently, CoolSculpting has been cleared for treating a patient’s love handles thighs, and belly, along with other trouble areas.

The people who receive this treatment feel that a sheet of ice has been placed on the affected area. CoolSculpting feels like this because this technique freezes the fat cells that are directly below it. Once these fat cells have become completely frozen, they die off and are naturally drained from the patient’s body.

As a general rule, it can take anywhere from one month to three months before one can see the full results. But even a simple 60-minute CoolSculpting session can show immediate and tangible results. A person can easily lose about half an inch from his or her waistline. Just think about it! Plus repeated treatments can help with even better results.

Things To Remember

What you need to remember is that CoolSculpting is a highly localized treatment, and under no account should it be taken to be an alternative for losing fat via the old fashioned way, such as though a holistic change in the overall lifestyle of the individual. And this holds true for people who are morbidly obese.

For these people, it would be roughly analogous to putting a band-aid on a gunshot wound. Yes, it can and will help, but not beyond a certain point. And if they continue their unhealthy life patterns – overeating, not getting enough sleep, then the results will quickly vanish. Remember, not getting enough rest (sleep) is one common ‘fat loss’ mistake that you should avoid.

How did CoolSculpting originate?

The idea behind the concept stemmed from various doctors’ observations that kids who eat a lot of popsicles grow up to become adults with dimples in their cheeks. It is because the cold had killed off the fat cells inside their inner cheeks. When this approach was applied to other more trouble areas of the body, it had the same result.

How long do the results last?

In this case, CoolSculpting is the hands-on winner because the results typically last pretty much forever. It is because once the fat cells in a particular area are dead, they cannot stage a ‘comeback’ of sorts.

However, other fat cells from surrounding tissue will try to take their place. It is why you should make it a point to ensure that you continue with your diet and exercise regime.  This treatment essentially works for specific parts of the body, but the adaptation of a healthy lifestyle is integral to the removal of excess fat as well as the maintenance of a reasonably healthy body.

It is crucial that you don’t go back to poor eating habits or restart consuming copious amounts of junk food. That will also lead to an accumulation of fat cells, and before you know it, you will be back to square one. It is not an alternative treatment but more of an enhancement to your routine exercise and diet plans.

Is this procedure worth it or not?

The answer to this question is an unequivocal Yes! Why? Because CoolSculpting is useful in its niche. But here it is essential to understand that this is not a job for a ‘fly by night’ operator. Instead, the procedure should only be conducted only by well trained and highly experienced individuals who know exactly what they are doing.  And if done right, then yes, people will sit up and take notice.

So, if you are looking for a noninvasive fat reduction procedure, then you can rest assured that CoolSculpting is just the right one for you.