Building Confidence And Productivity In Your Child: Things To Remember


Nurturing children in an environment that is safe and secure helps them to grow up to be confident, and successful individuals who have much to contribute to the community and society.

To maintain an emotional and behavioral state that is considered appropriate even in stressful situations requires the right kind of learning. It is attained through proper guidance and steady parenting during the infant and childhood stages of the life of a child.

Comforting a child when she feels hurt, frightened, or insecure each time helps them understand that there are ways by which each difficulty can be overcome. Eventually, they learn how to calm themselves in the midst of challenges and overcome the situation in the best possible way.

Even though every child deserves such an environment, not all children are blessed enough. Several children live in traumatic conditions being a part of abusive or broken families. Placing these children in the right foster care homes gives them a chance to get over their miserable past and lead a normal life.

Tahir Khan from says that applicants with foster agencies must submit a list of references as part of the assessment process. It is to ensure that children are being placed in the right hands where they will be safe and secure and get the right amount of support and guidance. What are some of the ways by which you can help a child grow up to be confident and productive?

Good Environment At Home

To build a confident child, the environment at home needs to be loving, secure and safe. Rules need to clear and established as it is an essential part of building good self-esteem. You need to build a good bond with your children so that they can be open to you about the relationships they maintain in school with their teachers, peer groups, and with others. Make sure it is safe and secure as negative influences could destroy your child’s self-image.

Take Care Of Your Self Esteem

Children do pay a lot of attention to their parents or carers. So, it is essential that your words and behavior remain optimistic and confident for your child to learn from you. In case you are struggling with your self-esteem you need to work on it to be a role model to your children.

Take Care Of Your Words

Words could leave lasting impressions in the mind of a child. Judging your child and using words that are harsh and negative could destroy your child’s confidence and self-image. When your child needs correction to use your words wisely, you can be firm yet gentle while addressing the issue.

Teach Them To Accept Failures

Failure is a part of our lives, and children should be taught to see it as stepping stones to a better future. Learning to accept failures and seeing it as an opportunity to learn their lessons and grow helps children to build good self-esteem and be brave in every tough circumstance.

Above all love your child without any conditions. Make them understand you are there for them no matter what happens. It is the most important factor to help your child be confident and productive.