9 Best Workout Apps for Women and Men

Best Workout Apps

9 Best Workout Apps for Women and Men

We all have a busy life. Everyday, we must deal with a lot of issues coming from work, social relations or, sometimes, family problems. Perhaps nobody wants to be ugly.

All of us desire a perfect body shape, but not everyone can manage to have enough free time or energy to follow a strict workout schedule with a real PT (Personal Trainer) at the gym.

Nowadays, with the development of technology, we can easily access the internet and explore necessary information on how to get fitness on.

Furthermore, you can even install a workout app in your smartphone and it will work as an alternative PT/supervisor for your workout plan. Whether you are men or women, refer to the following 9 best workout apps, start exercising and stop making excuse for any reason:

1. Runtastic Training series

If you look at the word Runtastic, maybe you will think that this app is only used for running. However, it is actually also perfect for bodyweight strength training and can be used for everyone.

There is a series of training apps by Runtastic, each of them focuses on a different exercise. Normally, we should try with Sit Ups, Squats, Press Ups and Pull-Ups first, because they’re quite simple to use.

Right after getting started, the app will tell you where to hold your phone, how many times you have to do the exercise, then inform you the rest targets you much reach. You will soon know your progression after every couple of days, and save it to the cloud if you want in case you need to use another device next time.

You can try the free version first to see how stronger you are getting after completing level one, then consider if you should pay an upgrade cost to Pro version. But it would totally worth it for sure.

2. Sworkit

This app is perfect for either iOS or Android devices. At the home screen, there are 4 types of workout for you to choose: Strength, cardio, yoga or stretching.

You just need to choose the one you are looking for and then tell Sworkit how long you can do the exercise, whether it is 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour. The app will show out all the moves for you to follow during the session.

If you feel its functions are too simple, you can try upgrading then it will enable you to customise your workout, maybe by setting the number of reps and the body parts you would like to focus on.

Basically, Sworkit is not really suitable for beginners, but it would be a perfect choice for those who have already known some basic knowledge about the areas you want to target.

3. Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer also has 2 versions: the FREE one and PRO version which costs around £5.58, $6.99 or AU$10/month.

Here you can select among more than 1000 intense workouts with the total duration of 5 – 15 minutes. Each workout will have detailed audio and video instructions, so you will know what you have to do step-by-step.

You can create your own custom routines and share them online with the community, or try following others’ created routines yourself. If you pay for a PRO version, you will be able to access advert-free workout videos and more various routines.

4. Fiit

Fiit is well-known as ‘The Netflix of fitness’ app that can bring about a huge change for your workout routine. You will feel like you are participating in a fitness class from anywhere in the world as long as you have your smartphone. Many people even connect the app to a TV for the more extensive experience.

This app includes loads of videos from different trainers all over the globe. It was built to help you create a regular workout routine without having to go to the local gym every day. All classes are divided into various levels with a wide range of activities from yoga to HIIT exercises.

You can try with the free version, but of course, the charged ones would provide more benefits. It will work as a heart rate tracker to help you improve your performance. You can subscribe monthly, quarterly or yearly to get the full experience, depending on your financial ability.

5. Aaptiv

This app is also in the list of the best workout apps, providing thousands of audio workouts for either women or men. The content is quite various in terms of working styles or goals. It even includes special music playlists to increase your inspiration during the sweaty session.

Currently, there are more than 2500 workouts in hundreds of fitness classes. You can select among running, cycling, high-intensity interval training, 5k or marathon training, then watch them online or download to your device. You can change the configuration for distance, duration, intensity and calories burned to see how far you’ve been going.

6. Seven

With Seven, you will experience your workout duration as a game. It creates a daily routine of 7-minute workout for 7 months. All you need is a chair, wall and your own body weight.

In the beginning, you will start with 3 lives. Each of them will be equal to one day. So if one day is missed, you will lose one live (shown as a heart). As a result, being lazy for just 3 days in a month can bring your progress to zero.

The app is available in either a free version or a charged one. The premium level will cost around £3.99 per month ($3.53 / around AU$7). Of course, you will still be able to achieve some results with the free one, but it’s worth paying the extra amount to make the routine more various and interesting.

7. Keelo

This app is mainly about HIIT exercises (High-Intensity Interval Training). All the workouts just occur in a short time with an incredible intensity that burns a lot of calories.

Keelo’s exercises can be used for people from beginner level to experts. They only take you around 7 to 20 minutes to complete the workout with detailed video instructions. You can even share your data with other workout apps via Apple Health integration.

Normally, a premium subscription will support you with more functions like unlocking all workout plans, warm-ups, cool downs, and chat coaching. It starts from $12.99 per month, so you can consider which one is more suitable for you.

8. Strava Running & Cycling

This app is free on both Android and iPhone system. It is not only a tracker in running and cycling, it also provides some more features like recording your running speed, but distance also travelled, time and course taken.

You don’t really need to have an Android Wear or Apple Watch to track your running. Strava will support many other kinds of a running tracker. The premium subscription has a filtered leaderboard. It will help to compare your achievements in different challenges with other people in the leaderboard. You can also build your own exercise goals as well as discover detailed analytics and more.

9. MyFitnessPal

The last recommendation in the list of 9 best workout apps for women and men is MyFitnessPal. It can support in tracking the nutritional intake and counting the number of calories inside your body.

It works quite well in counting nutrients as well as calories based on a database of more than 6 million foods. You can use a barcode scanner to look up and track the information of the food you are consuming. Then its recipe calculator will make a calculation based on your food portions.

With the above easy functions, users can set their diet and exercise goals. They can even sync data among other fitness and workout apps such as Strava, HealthKit, etc. Of course with the charged version, you can unlock all the features and limit being disturbed by ads as well.

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