Are Your Dentures Making You Sick?

If you have been wearing full or partial dentures for some time now, you have probably become well-accustomed to the different methods of maintaining them. You should already know the proper way of washing, brushing, and soaking your dentures in order to keep them clean. However, there are still some people who don’t know how to practice good denture care.

Why Denture Health is Important

By maintaining good denture health, you are preventing yourself from getting pneumonia or MRSA, which is a type of staph infection of the lungs that is difficult to treat. The type of harmful bacteria that causes these diseases has been found on improperly maintained dentures. Other less severe types of health issues that can be acquired by not maintaining denture health are gum problems.

How Your Dentures Can Be Making You Sick

Just like your regular teeth, dentures can become covered in plaque. Although your dentures won’t experience decay, these harmful bacteria can still lead to health problems. One of the most common issues is that the gums of denture wearers can become irritated if they are not properly cleaned. The reason behind this is that bacteria can infect the gums when the dentures press against them. Well-maintained dentures feel more comfortable to use and are less likely to cause gum irritation. Furthermore, the gums of those who sleep with their dentures on will have a tendency to flatten twice as fast.

As mentioned earlier, unclean dentures can also cause pneumonia and MRSA. This problem occurs typically because when you take out your full or partial denture and you do not clean the denture properly during the night, bacteria can thrive on the surface.

Both pneumonia and MRSA are respiratory ailments that can be obtained through dentures when you sleep without removing them or when your dentures don’t fit well and you breathe through your mouth. Ill-fitting dentures can become a problem because the air that comes in when you breathe through your mouth can pass over your dentures and deliver bacteria into your lungs.

How to Ensure Your Dentures Stay Clean and You Stay Healthy

The most effective way to prevent your dentures from causing diseases is to ensure they are clean. Some of the specific ways to clean them include:

  • Rinse your mouth and your dentures every time you take a meal.
  • Brush your dentures thoroughly using a special brush and toothpaste designed for dentures.
  • Don’t sleep while wearing your dentures. Soak your dentures in a special soaking solution before you sleep at night.
  • Brush your teeth and gums twice each day.
  • Before wearing them in the morning, rinse your dentures thoroughly.

Final Thoughts

By following the tips mentioned in this article, you will be able to ensure that you will avoid the health issues that you can suffer from when you have unclean dentures. Aside from those shared in this article, you should also have dental professionals check your dentures and your mouth to make sure that your health is at its optimum level. If you think your partial denture or complete denture is making you sick, speak to your nearest dental specialist.