11 Surprising Health Benefits of Rebounding on a Trampoline

“Anything fun always invites trouble for you!” – It is something that is believed by most people. But the trampoline has emerged to prove this saying wrong. Jumping and bouncing on the trampoline is not only extremely fun but it also contributes to our health benefits in more ways than one.

If you have thought that you have outgrown trampolines then you are utterly wrong. Trampolines are age-proof both literally and figuratively. And the health benefits that it offers are actually advantageous for people of all ages.

Below are enlisted some of the most surprising health benefits that trampoline offers.

  1. Burns Calories – Bouncing regularly on a trampoline, at the most basic level, helps to burn calories. In fact, it burns 15% more calories than what you achieve by running. This, in turn, leads to weight loss.
  2. Makes You Feel Younger – As said earlier, bouncing has no age bar. But it can, in fact, make you feel younger. Exercise helps to slow down your rapid aging process leaving you with stronger stamina.
  3. Assists to Decrease Cholesterol and Resist Heart Diseases – Heart ailments are one of the greatest causes of death in many countries including the UK. This is one of the greatest challenges that we face every day and our quest for ensuring that not only our health but the health of our family members as well are in good shape seems to be never-ending. Trampolining works for lowering the cholesterol level by strengthening the muscles around the heart and increasing the blood flow to it. This, in turn, lowers the heart rate and minimizes the chances of any kind of heart ailment.
  4. Decreases Chances of Cancer – Regular trampolining helps to decrease the chances of Cancer. Bouncing squeezes those horrid toxins from the lymphatic system. Not only that, but it also gets our glands working at least ten times faster than normal.
  5. Eases Pressure on the Joints by Strengthening Tendon Ligaments – The benefits of trampolining are indeed huge. Not only does it enhance your bone density and surrounding muscles but it also eases pressure on the joints by strengthening tendon ligaments.
  6. Heightens Your Alertness Leading to Faster Reaction – Trampolining also has a number of mental benefits to offer apart from the physical ones. It heightens your alertness and reduces reaction times. In fact, it also helps to combat stress by the production of feel-good hormones called Endorphins.
  7. Relieves Back Pain – This is one thing for which most people spend thousands of pounds each year on a variety of remedies. But regular trampolining can assist to prevent the cause of back pain and that is poor posture. The act of jumping and rebounding assists in strengthening the stomach muscles and the back. These are essential in supporting the spine and at the same time improving balance.
  8. Improves the Capacity of Breathing and Circulation of Oxygen – Trampolining assists to increase the capacity of breathing and triggers better circulation of oxygen to the tissues.
  9. Relieves Fatigue and Menstrual Discomfort for Women – Trampolining helps to achieve better health conditions. This, in turn, helps in relieving fatigue and eases out menstrual discomfort for people.
  10. Minimizes Allergies and Cold – This is another one of the many boons that trampoline endows on us. It helps to decrease the number of allergies and colds that often result in triggering discomfort in our lives.
  11. Enhanced Leg Strength –People who perform about 30 minutes of bouncing on the trampoline are said to experience a significant rise in both leg power and leg strength.

The above are some of the surprising health benefits that rebounding on the trampoline can offer you. It is for this reason that trampolining is one of the most popular indoor activities in London that is being preferred by more and more people with every passing day.