Frontal Hairpiece will replace the sew-in method of Hair Extension Installation


Achieving maximum styling options is the goal of women when they decide to go for hair extensions. The frontal piece is different from the traditional closure used when wearing weaves, wigs or hair extensions.  The closure covers a small area about 4×4 at the back of your head whereas the frontal covers the entire front area of the head from one end of the temple to the other sitting perfectly at the hairline. The frontal wig which is the other name of the frontal hairpiece is fast gaining popularity.

The purpose of the frontal wig is to prevent damage to the hairline while it looks just like your natural hair that you can style just as you would do with your natural hair. Manual methods of tying the hair to the wig ensure that the looks are completely natural. Those who prefer a pulled back hairstyle that keeps away hair from covering the face would find a frontal hairpiece a more convenient option as compared to using a closure piece.

They look for the versatility of the extension and its ability to maintain a completely natural look after the setting for which most prefer to select a frontal hair piece like the 360 frontal.

Versatile styling options

The frontal hair pieces are so versatile that you can adopt various hairstyles with ease. It allows frequent changing of hairstyles while completely concealing the lines of demarcation and hair wefts from being visible thereby helping to avoid any embarrassment.

The frontal hairpiece is excellent is providing the most natural looks and comprises of 3 to 4 bundles of hair. The ability to hold back hair makes the frontal hairpiece far more superior than the closure hair piece.

Almost a natural finish

To make the frontal hairpiece as much natural looking as possible it usually has a silk fabric or lace at the base. As it stretches from ear to ear, it gives the option of parting the hair freely in any manner you want – at the middle, right or left.

The best part is that you can create hairstyles that require pulling back the hair like making a ponytail, high bun or any other similar style without ever letting others discover that you are wearing a wig or weave. That is the reason why women with thinning hairlines and balding edges are so fond of frontal hairpieces. The frontal hairpiece mimics the scalp and natural hairline so well that it is impossible to make it out.

Lace based frontals are more popular than silk based ones because of its ability to resemble the natural scalp most closely.  To make silk based frontals look as much natural like the lace based frontals, it needs lots of work and too much of customization, but still, it is hard to replicate the natural looks. It is not easy to conceal the line of demarcation with a silk-based frontal.

With the growing popularity of lace frontals, the traditional sew-in method of fixing hair extensions is on its way out.