Must Have: 5 Vlogging Equipments for Smartphone

Must Have: 5 Vlogging Equipments for Smartphone

YouTube has become the largest and most popular platform for sharing videos online. It is also an excellent way for people to express their creativity, make more money, promote themselves, and maybe even become a celebrity on the Internet (via vlogs).

But what equipment do you need to make a complete video? There are a few things you will need to prepare for your videos. Find out about vlogging equipments for a smartphone I listed below:

1. External Microphone

Remember that your sound quality needs to be clear for your vlog. Even if you shoot high-quality 4K clips, you will have difficulty making viewers interested if the sound is bad.

Laptop microphones or cameras often have poor sound quality because they cannot effectively record or remove ambient sounds.

So, one of the most important smartphone vlogging accessories to create vlogs on YouTube is a good microphone.

In my experience, you should have two types of best microphone for youtube: lapel microphone and a shotgun microphone. These micros are very easy to use. Their sound quality, convenience, and price are also interesting points!

But, before you buy one, learn more about the different types of microphones to make sure you get the best for your needs.

2. Gimbal

Unstable scenes are not allowed for professional video production because it can distract your viewers or make them dizzy.

Tripods and gimbal are great equipment to stabilize photos and videos in your vlog. Depending on how you will record your video, you can choose one of them to increase the attractiveness of your YouTube vlogs.

For those who like to do vlogs, take photos when traveling, they often have to move a lot in the process of working, owning an anti-vibration gimbal is extremely reasonable and necessary.

No matter how hard you try to keep the camera steady, handheld shooting will create vibrating and jarring videos.

Gimbal is a dedicated stabilizer accessory designed to carefully balance your camera, even if you intentionally make quick and sudden movements. It is especially useful for YouTubers who are using lightweight cameras or smartphones.

3. Tripod

Tripod is one of the devices that is very useful for those who do vlogs with smartphones. This equipment is not too expensive, but it gives you great benefits during the video recording process.

Therefore, owning a tripod will help keep your device more fixed, and you can create vlogs with an impressive standing angle.

It is also very handy and small. It can be arranged and easily carried when you are on the move. You should invest in a sturdy, reliable, long-lasting tripod that can secure your smartphone.

4. Mini LEDs

Lighting equipment is needed if you mainly record indoors and in dimly lit areas. The light source from fluorescent lamps in the room is not enough to meet the demand when you do vlogs.

Therefore, to overcome the lack of light, you should equip yourself with a LED light to help your video be brighter and more beautiful.

And even if you shoot in a place with abundant ambient light, the lighting device can help you adjust and also reduce the brightness.

With some devices, they can simulate soft, natural light from windows. They can also reduce the intensity of harsh, direct light.

This lighting device is ideal if you want to add light without creating shade for your scene or object. They are suitable for interviews or talk shows in- house.

5. Removable Lenses for Smartphone

Anyone who has ever used a professional camera will understand the importance of lenses in photography. A big minus point when shooting movies or taking photos with that smartphone is not able to change the lens. To fix this, you need separate lenses for phones. They can be attached to smartphones using specialized tools from plastic or metal.

Like professional cameras, these lenses enable smartphones to create more focal points. Simply, you will use each type of lens for different purposes. Although the quality of these lenses is not as good as those of professional camera lenses, with low cost and convenience, it will be very helpful for vloggers to create many strange angles.

Final Words

2019 is the year marking the boom of Vlogs, as videos with diverse content are uploaded and shared on social networks more and more. But to invest in being a professional vlogger, in addition to creative content thinking, the more important thing is that you have to prepare a really good camera with high anti-vibration and sharpness. In this article, I have listed the most useful vlogging equipments for you. Hopefully, in the near future, you will create exciting and attractive vlogs!

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