Upright Vacuum vs Cylinder- What Kind of Vacuum Cleaner You Need & Why?

Upright Vacuum vs Cylinder- What Kind of Vacuum Cleaner You Need & Why?

Are you cleaning your house with a broom stick? 

If your answer is “yes.” Here is the best and easiest approach to clean your house with a vacuum. 

Vacuum cleaners are nowadays available in all sizes and shapes, and features are varying for every model. Then you can quickly analyze the best vacuum cleaner which suits your needs.

This article will help you to purchase the best vacuum cleaner to your needs.

Types of vacuum cleaners:

2 Types of vacuum cleaners those are

  1. Upright vacuums
  2. Cylinder vacuums
  • Upright vacuums: 

Most of the people choose the upright vacuum cleaner. These are easy to control, store and easy to use. This vacuum is much pretty than the other models, and with an upright stick vacuum it is more comfortable to clean the hardwood floors as well as carpeted areas. Upright vacuums consist of brush bar which removes the dirt in minor areas.

  • Cylinder vacuums: 

It is the oldest model in the vacuum cleaner; features of this vacuum are much older than the upright vacuum cleaner. It is also a much lighter and occupies less space. These vacuums are mainly used for cleaning steps, small areas and cushioning.

Vacuum Cleaner Models:

Bag less or Bag:

Outside of vacuum, you have to know that whether the vacuum inside consists of dust bag, or it is bag less one. Both are having similar advantages and disadvantages. You need to choose the best for your basic needs.

  • Bag less:

Without dust bag is named as a bag less vacuum cleaner. This vacuum consists of inner filters in the dust canister to gather any dust, hair, and dirt, or you can use the “cyclonic action” which will separate the dust and will catch it inside the canister.


  • Cost: No need to spend much amount on purchasing the bag less vacuum cleaners, these are always low cost compared to bagged vacuum cleaners.
  • Visibility: This vacuum cleaner has a clear canister in outside and is visible to the outside and can easily pick the small objects which may suck up valuable objects.


  • Damaged: If the vacuum is damaged and it is highly expensive to fix the damage.
  • Dirt: It consists of more dirt there is nothing to protect and it may cause allergies or asthma.
  • Bag:

Here is another model which consists of vacuum with inside a dust bag and the main aim of this bag vacuum is to store up the dust, and hair. These can be either replace with another bag after disposed of.


  • Cleanliness: Dust and dirt will be stored in the dust bags, and it will help you to avoid asthma and dust allergies.
  • Disposal: No need to worry, and it doesn’t spill the dust at anywhere when you open the bag to throw the content.


  • Expensive: If you are using bagged vacuum and you need to insert a new dust bags whenever the previous bag is full, and this is more expensive.
  • Performance: If the dust bag is full, automatically the performance of the device is reduced. These will be rectified once the bag is changed. And need to change the bag before it fills up completely.

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