What is Site Accessibility and Why is it Important?


You possibly have heard a lot about site accessibility. But still, the term heard too many times also is not conceptually clear before every person. You will even not be bothered much about it unless you own a website. If you are the owner or business in charge of a site, you would be worried about the accessibility factor.

What is website accessibility?

Website accessibility is a strong factor. Accessibility means open for access. When a website is open for access, and how much it gets access to the users, makes it rated accordingly. There can be so many types of users of a website.

Some would access the site without any problem. Others may have a lot of issues with the opening and viewing of the site. A site that is optimally built is built so because people of all types may access it, open it, view it, operate it, and use it as and when needed, without going through baring or hurdles in any of the processes.

It is a parameter that sets users expectations about ease of access. Whether users get to know about this parameter or not, this still exists, and need to be checked, so that the site can be made that way.

How to measure site accessibility?

There are so many subordinate parameters under this single parameter of accessibility. Why and how a website becomes accessible? Which factors make it more accessible and which lowers it? Using which tools the website’s accessibility from various ways can be measured? are some of the vital questions. There are sophisticated tools that help measure this factor based on the several components in it.

Importance of accessibility

Why is accessibility important for a website? Well, unless a site is easy for access, and easy for operation and viewing in every way, there is no point trying SEO and marketing activities for it.

Promotion won’t work in bringing popularity and business if the site is not easy to access, use, and explore, etc. That is why accessibility is the prime factor. Any site that is not promoted well, but still very well accessible, is still good to go and already a readymade platform for promotion and marketing. But when you are marketing at full swing and site itself is not supporting viewers, there you are heading for a total promotional disaster.

Accessibility is important, and that is why a site fully ready for use is sent through several levels of screening and testing, to see if it is accessible well in every way. If you are not sure about how accessible your site is you can use a site screening tool to get a detailed report.

A detailed report would describe how good or bad the site is performing in terms of accessibility in the various levels before various types of users.


Site accessibility is essential to prove that the site is ready for every kind of prospective user. Only when you see that the site is accessible and operable in all aspects, you can start marketing for the site confidently.