Movavi PhotoEditor 5: Simplifying Photo Editing Like Never Before

Movavi PhotoEditor 5: Simplifying Photo Editing Like Never Before

You have a vast collection of photos of family, friends and colleagues. You have a great set of pictures from your last vacation and you want to share them online. There are many reasons that are keeping you from sharing them. This can include:

  • There are unwanted objects or people in your photo
  • You are not satisfied with the spots on your face
  • You want your photos to look more creative

You can take care of all these things using a proven software – the Movavi PhotoEditor 5. You can easily download photo editor for free and remove unwanted people/objects by erasing them out without affecting the picture or making it look artificial. Add make up to your face and enhance your looks. And enhance your photos in so many different ways. Social media sharing just got more exciting with this software.

Easy to Use Photo Editor

You don’t have to be an expert in designing to be able to use this program. It uses simple drag-and-drop interface that can be used by anyone with basic IT skills. There is so much that you can do with it, including:

  • Improve the quality of your photo
  • Change the colors or color grades
  • Remove any object or people without messing up the photo
  • Resize/rotate photos in anyway
  • Apply filters
  • Add watermarks or captions to your photos

There is also an automatic photo quality enhancement feature. 

1. Improve Your Picture Quality

There is no point in sharing a photo that doesn’t have quality to match your preferences. This is where you can download photo editor and easily enhance your picture’s quality. It allows you to:

  • Retouch photos
  • Automatically enhance quality with a click on a button
  • Apply styles and effects

Images can be automatically enhanced by clicking on the ‘magic enhance’ button. The types of effects that can be added include contrast, subdued pearl, Adams, Elvis, Cezanne, and many others. Make your photos stand out and impress your peers with more than a dozen effects, overlays and styles.

2. Crop & Edit Your Photos

Pictures can need different kinds of editing before they are perfect for use. A specific picture will need to be resized before it can be shared or used for some other purpose. You may need to crop, rotate, adjust the frame, flip, or level the photo perfectly to ensure that it looks its best and serves it purpose. All this can be done easily using Movavi PhotoEditor 5. You don’t need to have any previous experience or advanced knowledge.

3. Add Makeup & Remove Spots

Everyone wants to look their best in their personal photos. Achieving that is not always possible. If you try to edit your photos using other programs, you are most likely to mess up things and create a botched and artificial look. Not with Movavi PhotoEditor 5.

There is so much that this easy-to-use software allows you to do, including:

  • Build a fine makeup base using a brush
  • Use the blusher tool and bring all the focus on your cheeks
  • You can even change your lip color
  • Add mascara to your eyes or even shadow

And all this can be done without having to use complicated and difficult tools.

4. Remove Unwanted People or Objects

Whether you have some unwanted object in your photo or someone photo-bombing it, you can erase them in a professional way. Just download photo editor, use a simple drag-and-drop tool, and the object will be removed. The photo will remain intact without looking like it has been touched up. Erase people, erase pillars, or any unwanted objects. 

5. Replace the Background

When it comes to replacing that background in your photo, it was always a task best left to the experts. Only a professional designer could handle a job as complicated. Not with this software. 

Anyone can use Movavi Photo Editor to replace backgrounds in their photos in seconds. The process is as simple as marking the outline of the object/person/people you want to keep in the photo. Then select the background that needs to be removed and click on a button and its gone. Just mark the background as red and the important objects/people as green. The software will then give you the option to add a new background without any complex set of processes. Its instant, as simple as Red and Green selections, and quick.


There is even more that can be done using this program. Add captions to your photos with full control over font and colors. Add watermarks if you want to ensure that no one else uses it without your permission. You can even adjust the photo’s opacity. Just download photo editor for free and start using it. It’s simple, quick, and can be used by anyone.

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