How To Make Your Broadband Faster?

How To Make Your Broadband Faster?

Are you concerned about your broadband speed? There are a few ways to get things moving faster. Use the information in this article to help.

1. Determine Your Speed

First, you need to know what your connection speed is. Utilize a broadband speed checker, available online at no cost to you. After running a quick test, it will tell you what your download speed is. This gives you a baseline; after you apply some of the tips in this article, you can check again to ensure that your speed increases. If there is no change, give your provider a call and see what can be done. You may want to compare broadband prices. Keep in mind that just because you get a low reading, that doesn’t mean that your speed is slow or your provider isn’t doing what they are supposed to. According to  it could be that your signal is slow because of a few things going on in your house. You’ll learn more about that in this article, too.

2. Move Your Router

Your router may not be in the optimal place, and because of that, your signal is slow. You want to look for a place that gives you coverage throughout your home. For example, if you put it by a window, you are going to have coverage outside. Do you really need that? 

Also, many factors can influence the quality of your signal. Walls have an impact. Baby monitors are known to interfere as well. Try putting your router up high so that the signal is clear. Also, your router should not be too close to the TV or inside of anything, or the signal will drop.

3. Leave The Router On

Some people believe it is best to turn the router off when you are not online. It is not a good idea, because each time you turn it off, it looks like the broadband is disconnecting. As a result, the speed may be cut back because it appears that there is instability with the line.

4. Get Wired

If you don’t have to go wireless, then think about plugging in. For example, if you just have one computer in the home, and you don’t get online through any other means, a wired connection is a smart choice. Your speed will undoubtedly increase.

5. Sockets Are Important

Always choose the right sockets. Your router should go into the master socket if there are multiple phone points in the house. You will need a microfilter if there is just one connection point on the master socket. 

6. Avoid Extension Cords

Extension cords are convenient, but they aren’t always the best choice. Your router should not be connected to the master socket with an extension cord. Whenever possible, you just want to adjust the position of the router so that you can plug it indirectly. If you plan to connect your device right to the router, it is better to pick up an ethernet cable to do so. The price is a little more, but it is not outrageous, and they are readily available at the stores. 

If it is not possible to put the router near the master socket, then opt for an ADSL extension cable. Do your research and pick out one with good reviews; it should be a high-quality product. You will then plug that into the master socket.

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