Everything you need to know about iMessage


At the present time SMS becomes the simplest and fastest means of communication there are lots of application present in the market. And one from such best messaging application is iMessage, there are above 200 million active users. This is the most famous application which is mostly found in iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and Mac but now people have the option of iMessage for pc and is also available for Android. It is not made for Android smartphones till now, iMessages is very easy and common to use in the iOS 5 devices.

How to send iMessages on your iPhone?

Now you are going to learn how to send iMessages on your iPhone or iPad, our new generations are gradually becoming expert in handling the smart devices, so if you have ever sent an SMS/text message to anyone then you can easily learn to send an I. Now take your iPhone or iPad and follow some steps to know this.

1- Open the messages icon on your iPhone.

2- Now you look at the upper right-hand corner where you see the “Compose button” tap on it.

3- You have to type the “name” of the contact to whom you want to send a message.

4- Now tap on the “contact” to whom you want to send the message, which already saved in your device.

5- Type your “message” in the message box.

6- At the right side you see a “send Arrow” tap on it to send the message.

Make sure before sending the message your internet connection should be on because an iMessage can’t be sent without it.

Since I message is only available on Apple devices so keep in mind the person where you send a message should have an Apple device like iPhone or iPad. If you send that message to the person who does not have an Apple device then it will be automatically sent as an ordinary SMS/ text message.

What is the difference between Blue and Green text?

When you chat with your friends you observe that sometimes the message looks green and sometimes it appears blue, very few people know about this. Some people ignore this and some have a curiosity to know the difference between the Blue and Green text. Let me try to explain what does it mean?

First, we will know about the blue messages when your friend sent you a text and its color is blue then it means it is an iMessage and your friend chatting with you by an Apple device. It could be iPhone, iPad or Mac iMessages is a type of free communication it does not affect your messaging plan. If you have an iPhone you cannot receive normal messages because it’s a feature of Android phones, you will only see Blue bubbles on your iPhone.

Now when you get the green color massages it means it is an ordinary SMS/ text message which is a feature of Android phones these messages are chargeable and affects your texting plan so if you have limited text messages in a month then you should avoid unnecessary chatting with your friend.

iMessage changes from Blue to Get

Apple’s iMessage for pc feature works really good on a regular basis but in some rare cases, it can changes from I messages ( Blue background ) to the regular message( Green background ). There are some different situation when these unexpected problems occurred in these devices and it will be confused about lots of people.

Now you have to know what are the causes of these situations.

·         Weak Wi-Fi signals

If you want to send an iMessage your iPhone must have the connection of internet either of Wi-Fi or a cellular data network. Without the internet, you cannot send messages if your Wi-Fi signals are weak. When you sent an iMessage then it suddenly sent as an SMS message.

·         Network congestion in a crowded area

Another cause of this problem is network congestion in crowded areas, suppose on the Christmas night you are chatting with your friends, at the same time everyone in your locality using the same network then your iPhone starts sending text messages instead of iMessages due to network congestion in your locality.