Creating Website Design In-Line with the Instagram Synergy


Social media now has an enormous potential to create better engagement with real people, and this is the primary reason why social media marketers are in high demand now. No doubt platforms like Instagram have a huge potential for a broader set of audiences and effectively engage with them. Among many different options now available on the social media spectrum, Instagram is noted to have the biggest conversion ratio. Designers should try to create an appropriate synergy between their Instagram initiatives and website design to reap maximum results.

Here are some reassuring statistics about Instagram marketing:

  • About 51% of the audience on Instagram tends to come to their wall regularly. About 35% of them check their feeds many times a day.
  • 60% of users come to know about brand new products and offer through Instagram.
  • About 70% of the US companies of all industries now using Instagram as one of their key digital marketing strategies by leaving Twitter and Facebook far behind.

Considering these stats, we can see that the outreach of Instagram is much broader. It is why all social media marketers flock on this platform. With more than 1000 million users and having the highest level of activity online, Instagram is one thing that should always be there on your digital marketing strategy.

You can easily drag real Instagram followers from Instagram to your websites. The major challenge web designers now face providing a consistent and reassuring user experience alongside their visit to social media. Here, we will discuss the design synergy to be maintained between Instagram and the social media pages.

Make the web design more Interactive

While considering Instagram as your marketing platform, the major aspect to consider is its capability to engage with the users. You can find that the interactive feature of Instagram could be given an additional boost with automation tools, which could be an ideal substitute for you to run the user activities even when you are away.

Creation of Logos

Considering Instagram based designing strategies, it is also important to stay in line with the latest design trends to stay on top of the competition. To do this, it is important to have an attractive makeover of the designs you have, including the logos and the color schemas with the element of interactivity on social media platforms in mind.

Practice Minimalism

The hallmark of minimalism is to optimize the use of design elements to make the overall design simple and user-friendly. For example, ensure that the end design of your web page has many vacant spaces on the pane to avoid the clutter of content or images. Designers must consider that the users may like a clutter-free website design. It should let the users spend more time on the page without distractions, and it will ultimately lead to conversions.

Moreover, the internet is a dynamic place, so the same dynamism must reflect in your web design, which could create a significant impact on the users. Always be ready to experiment with new things to your advantage. Learning new things from Instagram will help make strategic changes to your website design, to stay relevant and competitive.