Do air purifiers work for dust? What are the major benefits of opting for air purifiers?

Do air purifiers work for dust? What are the major benefits of opting for air purifiers?

Regardless of the location of your home, office, etc, dust is a common factor that accumulates throughout your home. Usually, we observe grey-coloured dirt that settles on different surfaces of our house. The dirt is mainly developed from various tiny particles coming from enormous sources. Although making the outdoor regions dust-free is just like a hard nut to crack, using simple remedies such as an air purifier can help you get rid of the unwanted filth. Now the question is, do air purifiers work for dust? To know the appropriate answer, let’s first understand the air purifiers in brief.

An air purifier often known as air cleaner is the machine designed to eliminate the hazardous contaminants from the air inside the room. The device has become a need now mainly for the people dealing with Asthma or allergies.

Besides purifying the room from dust particles, the air purifier such as Cigarette smoke filter is widely utilized to remove the unpleasant odour of tobacco and eliminate the smoke generated out of cigarettes from the air hence, providing you with fresh air. Whether it is pollen, dander, dust mite faeces, or the smoke particles, an air purifier cater your entire requirements. Now if you are wondering about how this device works then read on:

How do Air Purifiers work for dust?

Generally, the tiny particles collected from the external sources float in the air before they ultimately get settled in the surface of your home.

Air purifiers function by trapping most of these dust particles from the air making it pleasant to inhale and thereby, prevent the buildup of dust particles in your shelves, tabletop, books, furniture, and other assets. Apart from purifying the air, this device also reduces the poor odour of smoke and tobacco.

In the recent time, HEPA filters are commonly utilized as the air purifiers. This device was discovered during 1940’s to provide assistance to the scientists executing Manhattan project by safeguarding them from tiny radioactive particles.

However, due to their efficient and effective features of eliminating the dust particles in the air, this device steadily became a commercial. The HEPA filters are ideal air purifiers that are especially known for trapping the particles of 0.3-micron size.

Some other air purifiers are electrostatic air purifiers, ozone generators, ionizing air purifiers, charged media filters, and etc.

An air purifier works by circulating the air all over the room. As it circulates the air, it also captures the tiny yet hazardous particles floating in the same. Though the air can easily pass through this filter, it traps the dust mites in the fibre of the device. With constant use of air purifiers, one can easily remove the dust particles from home. This machine mainly traps:

  • Particulate matter that comes in from outside air.
  • Organic material such as skin particles, mould, pollen, food debris, dust mite allergens, pet dander, insect body parts, and many.
  • Soil particles present in the home.


Are you tired of cleaning your rooms to prevent unwanted filth, dust, and germs? Do you have allergy with the hazardous odour of smoke? Then what are you waiting for? Get an air purifier and eliminate out all the unwanted stuff from your belongings.

Note that the tiny dust particles not only create an unpleasant atmosphere but the same can turn out to be the major cause of certain lung-related diseases such as Pneumoconiosis. So if you want to stay protected and avoid unnecessary future expenses, then it is worth buying this device.

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