2017 Yamaha FZ 09 First Look

2017 Yamaha FZ 09 First Look

Whether it is a complete redesign or just a model upgrade, a new bike is always caused by excitement and interest. The 2017 Yamaha FZ 09 represents an update, borrowing some style points from the FZ-10. The revisions to the bike include adjustable traction control, new radiator shrouds and quad-LED lights. Other components that have been tweaked include ABS, adjustable traction control, and a fully adjustable front fork. The result is a stylish bike that is available in Candy Red, Matte Silver, and Intensity White color schemes.

The bike can be customized and upgraded with Yamaha aftermarket parts. To retain the design as close to original, you can make use of Yamaha OEM parts for best effect.

Additional Features of the Yamaha FZ 09

The bike comes with a long list of changes, tweaks, and revisions to the former styling. These include the following changes or additions:

  • A sculpted 3D taillight
  • Air scoops
  • A swingarm-mounted license plate bracket
  • An 847cc inline, three-cylinder, fuel-injected engine
  • An Assist and Slipper clutch

The overall impact is more aggressive styling and an emphasis on rider control. The engine is quick-revving, torquey and exhilarating. There is also the option for a Genuine Yamaha Quick Shift System that delivers maximum acceleration.

More Accessories To Consider

With the right bike under you, you will want to shop for the best motorcycle parts and accessories. These include a signature helmet to keep you safe under all conditions and to add some appropriate attitude to your apparel. Gloves, riding pants, riding footwear, and a tough jacket also provide you with additional protection on your rides. As parts wear out or become damaged, you will want to consider extra Yamaha aftermarket parts.

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