Everything You Need to Know about USDA Prime Filet Mignon


Filet mignon is a welcoming choice to consumers, which is considered to be the most tender and leanest steak. It is cut to be supremely tender and also mild tenderloin. Many of the stores now offer finest and freshest USDA prime filet mignon at your doorstep.

What is filet mignon cut?

It is a cut from fresh beef tenderloin, which is a part of the short loin of the beef cow. Tenderloin is the part which runs around the backside of the animal, and the cut is made carefully from the muscle which is little exercised. It is the lack of movement at this part makes this muscle more tender. The cut is made from the matured cow at the age of 18 months up to two years.

The entire tenderloin of a beef cow is fairly large, which usually weighs around 4 to 6 lbs. The structure has two different parts. The best filet mignon is that from a circular strip which is attached to the tenderloin.

The professional butchers in America cut the best filet mignon steaks to nearly 2-inch steaks from the whole tenderloin. However, if you check the menu of filet mignon medallions, those may be cut typically from the optimally tender round strip. Filet mignon is a French word, which refers to the small round strip of beef.

Difference between the beef tenderloin and filet mignon

You may have now confused with the above explanation with interchanging mentions about tenderloin and filet mignon. It is a little confusing to tell about the difference. If you are new to choosing good cuts of beef, identifying the difference between filet mignon and tenderloin may be a bit troublesome.

To give it a better clarification, tenderloin of beef is the large cut of that portion of the beef loin before it got cut into steaks. Once if this whole part is cut into smaller steaks, the softest of those steaks are called as filet mignon. You may see steaks which are beef tenderloin at the stores, but most of the times even the sales assistants also may refer to it as filet mignon. However, you need to know that USDA prime filet mignon may never come as uncut.

However, if you get only beef tenderloin, to extract filet mignon out of it, you have to use a sharp knife and then slice the tenderloin further into two-inch steaks. The cut needs to be made carefully across the meat grain and what you get out of it is filet mignon.

The ideal thickness of good filet mignon is about 2 inches to 3 inches; i.e., 5.1 cm to 7.5 cm in thickness. At the first look, it may be felt like a very thick cut, but the soft filet mignon will shrink when you cook it.

Flavorful and thick, USDA Prime Filet Mignon is one of the best choices you can make for tender steaks. It can be a perfect choice for special occasions. Prime cut, and the choice is the two options you can explore while looking for the best filet mignon steaks.