Safe And Sensible Use Of Cookware May Prevent Food Contamination


Cookware that you use in your kitchen can be made from a variety of materials and traces of these materials enter into your food. Bought from a reliable store and manufacturer, most of the times these inserts are harmless but still, you must be sensible when you use these, especially with a few specific materials.

Care tips for each Material

Here is a brief list of different cookware materials along with its benefits and cooking tips to reduce leaching of material into your food.

Aluminum Cookware

Start with aluminum material which is extensively used in making cookware. It is due to its lightweight, fast heat absorption and conduction ability, and is relatively inexpensive. However, this can dissolve in your food quickly. Make sure that you do not cook in it for a long time and prevent cooking acidic foods such as citrus products and tomatoes in it as it will absorb most aluminum.

Anodized Aluminium

Anodized aluminum cookware comes with a layer of aluminum oxide deposited on its surface. It conducts heat just like ordinary aluminum and is hard, non- stick, durable, scratch resistant and easy to clean. Use these more to cook acidic foods such as rhubarb and tomatoes.

Copper Utensils

Copper utensils will conduct heat very well and fast. Regulating the temperature in it is easy. It is good for health if you cook in copper utensils but small amounts. Large amount in a single dose can be poisonous. It is best to use copper utensils coated with another metal but make sure it is not scoured or you do not cook for a long time or any acidic foods in it. Also stay away from nickel coating if you are allergic to nickel.

Stainless Steel Cookware

Stainless steel cookware made from iron and other metals are durable, resistant to wear and tear. It is not expensive and provides health effects of iron, nickel, and chromium in a controlled amount. These are good to cook acidic foods including rhubarb, tomatoes, and apricots.

Non-Stick Cookware

Non-stick cookware sets by Tayloright and other reliable companies are also good for cooking so long as the coating is not scoured or damaged. Reliable companies ensure that these are long lasting so that the chemical fumes do not cause any health effects.

Enamel Cookware

You can also use pottery, glass and enamel cookware that is easy to clean and can resist legitimately high temperatures. To eliminate the health issues read the label when you buy these to know the presence of lead or cadmium especially if these are glazed. Also, know the state regulations of use of lead and cadmium limits as that may vary from one to another.

Plastic Cookware

Plastics cookware that can be used in microwave ovens can cause serious health problems as the food may absorb plasticizer that is used to make the material flexible. Use these for a short time and strictly avoid using these at high temperatures or for fatty and oily foods such as meat and cheese.

These simple yet effective care tips will ensure that you cook, eat and live as healthy as intended.