How to make an old-fashioned cocktail?

The cocktail is definitely among the favorite kind of beverages of most of us. People love to drink cocktails along with hot dog toasters owing to their unique taste, delicious flavor, and variety of servings. Initially, a cocktail was a morning-time beverage; however, with time, it evolved, and nowadays, an old-fashioned cocktail is the most popular kind of cocktail in our societies. If you have a party for the New Year or Christmas celebrations this year, then you should learn how to prepare old-fashioned cocktails. There are different ways to make old-fashioned cocktails; however, a few of the most popular methods are given below.

Orange Sliced Old Fashioned Cocktail

The easiest and most comfortable way of making the old-fashioned cocktail is an orange, sliced old fashioned cocktail. You need to follow these steps.

  • In the first step, you need to add a little number of bitters of your favorite kind in a glass that looks like the old-fashioned simple but elegant glasses.
  • The second step is to add some sugar cubes to the bitters to sweeten them up to your required flavor. Add water to make the old-fashioned cocktail and stir it unless the ingredients get dissolved finely.
  • The third and most important step is to pour some whiskey into the glass and then add the ice cubes to chill the cocktail. Cut an elegant piece of orange and place it at the glass corners to prepare the orange-sliced old-fashioned cocktail correctly. For more garnishing, a cherry can also be added to the liquid. It will help you to make the most straightforward but most delicious old-fashioned cocktail, is having a touch of orange as well.

Traditional Old Fashioned Cocktail

For the preparation of old fashioned cocktail, you need to gather the ingredients like sugar cubes, bitters, soda, whiskey, ice cubes, and old-fashioned glasses. All these things are readily available in the market.

  • So, add some sugar cubes to an old-fashioned glass for the first step. Pour some bitters, like the Angostura bitters, into the glass. However, you can alternate the bitters and bring the bitters of your choice also. Tangy Indian Boiled Potatoes double the excitement of Whiskey.
  • In the second step, after adding a few bitters, pour a few spoons of soda, like club soda. It will bring a super delicious taste to the old-fashioned cocktail. People who are allergic to club soda or do not like its taste can alternate it with simple water and add water to the bitters and sugar cubes. Mix it well with the help of a spoon so that all ingredients get mixed equally well with each other. For easy mixing of sugar cubes, you should grind the sugar before or crush it with the help of any wooden or steel spoon so that it may get instantly mixed into the mixture.
  • In the final step, add some quantity of whiskey of your favorite brand and stir well. Your old-fashioned cocktail is now ready, and you can serve it with a stirring spoon to the guests.

The way to make old-fashioned cocktails remains the same. However, the nature of the ingredients may vary from recipe to recipe. Many people like Ray whisky, while others go for different brands with snacks late at night. Similarly, many people love to add white sugar, while others want to add brown sugar or caster sugar. Some people love to eat creamy chicken while having a toast of whiskySome want a highly sweetened cocktail while others like a little bit bitter old fashioned cocktail. The additions of bitters also vary from recipe to recipe. People advise Angostura bitters to be suitable for old-fashioned cocktails. However, Cob’s, Curacao’s bitters, and many other various famous bitters also work well for old-fashioned cocktail preparation.

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