Best Recipe Apps You Should Try in 2023

If you are too conscious about tastes but not-so-great at cooking, then you must be looking forward to a bit of help with preparing some of the best, delicious recipes out there. And it is pretty standard, so you shouldn’t really feel bad about it. There are many apps available these days that can make things easy for you to turn yourself into an expert chef. These apps offer extreme assistance and detailed guides to help satisfy your cravings with some of the most delicious cuisines. Let’s look at the top 5 options available to iOS users.


Paprika is a perfect recipe app for iOS that not just organizes and saves recipes for you but also plans your weekly menus as well as sets up your shopping lists. The chefs at Paprika bring the best recipes through this app, and the app makes it possible for you to log them and organize them according to your tastes. As soon as you come across something you like, the app will offer complete assistance to plan your weekly menus and create your shopping lists according to the dishes you plan for next week. Everything is also accessible when you are offline. This feature is quite helpful if you plan on bringing your tablet or mobile to the shop and don’t have internet access to check out what you need to buy. Paprika is a paid app that comes for $4.99 for tablets and phones.


If you’re a master chef, you really need Pepperplate on your apps list. The app has been designed specifically for those who want to take cooking as their profession. However, if you’re a housewife and want to prepare new dishes for your family now and then, you can still use this app.

It’s an excellent app for preparing multiple dishes at a time using a built-in timer. Instead of giving you access to an extensive database giving you recipe ideas, it serves you more as your organizational tool if you already have lots of recipes that you can choose from. The app even allows you to add URLs from favorite blogs and sites to create weak plans. Your recipes can also be tailored into seven portions, and you can add notes to every single one to remember them later.


Yet another one of the severe chefs, SideChef, helps you learn how to cook the most scrumptious dishes. SideChef is your ultimate kitchen companion. The app offers some straightforward instructions guiding you step by step through every recipe. There are photos, videos, voice commands, and everything else that can help you make your learning experience go like a breeze. No matter your level, SideChef makes it easy and fun for you to start cooking. There are built-in timers that allow you to focus on what you are cooking and also enable you to do searches according to any dietary requirements, preferred cuisines, ingredients, etc. SideChef doesn’t just cover sides, desserts, and mains but also features some of the best drink recipes giving you all for a perfect dinner party.


If you’re not a good reader, Appetites gives you step-by-step videos to teach you exactly how you can prepare your delicious meals. The iOS app gives you more than 200 videos that expert chefs create at Appetites to teach you how you can prepare the best dishes, be it chicken sausage or shrimp scampi or just about anything else. The chefs narrated the videos themselves, so you can expect them to be perfect. The videos are perfect for beginners as they are meant to make you an expert from the point when you are just starting.

The app also allows you to buy some ingredients from within the app, and everything will be delivered to you at your doorstep.


Yummly is a wonderful app that suggests amazing recipes according to your personal likes and dislikes. As you launch the app, you can find recipes through filters such as taste, cuisine, allergy, cook time, and diet. The app aggregates most of these recipes from popular food blogs. Once you have used the app for some time, it starts remembering your past choices and decides what type of meals are your favorites, and then it recommends new stuff accordingly. The easy navigation through the app also makes it a personal favorite for many. Above all, it’s a free app.

So, if you are interested in learning cooking or getting meal recommendations, try any of the above apps. The best thing is that all of them are from the top providers and are regularly updated.

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