How to Work Out on an Inversion Table?

How to Work Out on an Inversion Table?

An inversion table is the best way to stretch your back muscles and ease the tension. It is a perfect solution to relieve back pain. An article done by CMT, Seven Hefferon, PTS, CPR indicates the effectiveness of inversion therapy in solving issues such as minor spin misalignments, convalescing posture, and circulation.

Quite some people do not know how to use inversion tables. It is why I made this post to help you get the most from your inversion table. has detailed information on inversion tables. You can visit the site and learn more about inversion tables and inversion therapy.

What exactly is an Inversion Table?

An inversion table is a device that lets one hang upside down. It is useful for relieving back pain, decompressing joints, boosting circulation and general promotion of health.

What is the advantage of using an Inversion Table?

An inversion table prevents surgery in most cases for individuals who have injuries on their backs. They can help with kidney stone issues. Commonly, lifestyle diseases are on the rise due to the negligence of healthy eating. Due to high consumption of proteins, the body is unable to break down food making one vulnerable to kidney stones.

Research indicates the ability of an inversion table to push kidney stone fragments. 

Working Out on an Inversion Table

Exercising using an inversion table is similar to using a sauna. Before using it, NOTE that it can lead to an increase in your blood pressure and pulse. It may not seem like a significant issue, but it may affect those who suffer from blood pressure, obese/overweight and those who have had cardiovascular problems.

Those with the above condition should be cautious and seek a medical opinion before using an inversion table. Also, for beginners, Spine Universe emphasizes on using 15 degrees inversion for starters. At a 15 degree angle, the body will experience a mild stretch of the muscles.

One can use the inversion table to perform various exercises. Let us comprehensively discuss each of the exercises;

Preliminary Stretching Exercises

During inverting, one can gradually stretch the body outwards. For a terrific workout of the torso area, one should arch it from one side to another. Arching helps relax muscles in the torso section. It also stretches out the mid-spine region.

One can also do stretching exercises by crossing your arm on the body while clinging on an inversion table at the other side. After acquiring a fast grip, rotate the table in the direction of your shoulder and stretch. 

Stretching is an essential exercise that one can regularly perform as desired. An inversion table also enables one stretch the neck by rotating the head to the right and the left. One can also stretch the neck by lifting the head without the need to sit up.

Complete Inversion Stretching Exercises

Full exercises are essential before embarking on heavy exercises such as weightlifting, especially for women. It can take various forms;

Inverted Crunches

Ensure your hands are on your chest and head. Lift the torso region halfway near your knees. The dominant sensation that one feels is a result of your muscles strain.

Inverted Sit-ups

They are just like inverted crunches. Put your hands on the back of your head and use the knees to perform the sit-ups. In case of struggling to get up, keep hands on the knees.

In comparison with regular sit-ups, researchers claim inverted sit-ups to be thrice challenging. 

Inverted Squats

Inversion tables are great for performing inverted squats. Place both hands on the tables frame`s legs. Lower your knees and gradually raise the body. It may appear as the standard squat; however, it provides a useful exercise for legs. 

An inversion table is effective for exercising. We have gone through the benefits of stretching using an inversion table and how useful it is. It is great for the spine. One can position themselves upside down or downside up, and that may seem convenient. 

Using an inversion table may be challenging at first, but with time the body adjusts. We recommend you to try out the preliminary inversion exercises first after which the complete inversion exercises follow. After using the inversion table for long, the back will feel more energetic, the circulation will be higher than before, and muscles will feel good. The overall result is a healthier you.

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